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kinn's Chapter 51

aliquot A portion of a well-mixed sample removed for testing.
analyte The substance or chemical being analyzed or detected in a specimen.
anticoagulants Chemicals added to a blood sample after collection to prevent clotting.
caustic Capable of burning, corroding, or damaging tissue by chemical action.
cytology The study of cells using microscopic methods.
diluent A liquid used to dilute a specimen or reagent.
exudates Fluids with a high concentration of protein and cellular debris that have escaped from the blood vessels and have been deposited in tissues or on tissue surfaces.
hemolyzed A term used to describe a blood sample in which the red blood cells have ruptured.
preservatives Substances added to a specimen to prevent deterioration of cells or chemicals.
referral laboratory A private or hospital-based laboratory that performs a wide variety of tests, many of them specialized.
specimen A sample of body fluid, waste product, or tissue that is collected for analysis.
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