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Kinn's Chapter 17

avert to see coming and ward off or avoid.
bleak not hopeful or encouraging
business associates individuals or organizations that perform or assist a covered entity in the performance of a function or activity involving the use or disclosure of individually identifiable health information
complainant the person making a complaint against another person and/or organization
covered entities as defined by HIPAA, organizations that transmit information in an electronic form during a transaction
divulge to make known, as a confidence or secret
due diligence the effort made by an ordinary prudent or reasonable party to prevent harm to another party or oneself; doing everything possible to prevent something negative from happening; also called due care
electronic fund transfer the movement of funds between different accounts in the same or different banks using wire transfer, automated teller machines, or computers, without the use of paper documents
electronic media the means of electronic transmission, including the Internet, private networks, dial-up phone lines, and fax modems; includes information moved from one place to another while stored on an electronic device
electronic remittance advice an explanation that accompanies checks and relays details of the payment sent to the provider from the insurance company or other third-party provider
healthcare providers Providers of medical or health services, individually or as organizations, that furnish, bill for, or are paid for services or products.
incidental disclosure a secondary use of health information that cannot reasonably be prevented, is limited in nature, and occurs as a result of another use or disclosure that is permitted
individually identifiable health information any part of a patient's health record that is created or received by a covered entity
inferred derived as a conclusion from facts and premises
office for civil rights the division of the federal government that enforces privacy standards
office of the inspector general an office of the U.S. department of health and human services that conducts audits, investigators, and inspections involving laws pertaining to health and human services
personal health information the patient's own information that pertains to his or her health
preclude to rule out in advance
prevalent generally or widely accepted, practiced, or favored
privacy officer a person designated to ensure compliance with privacy standards for a covered entity
protected health information any individually identifiable health information that may be transmitted and/or maintained in electronic form
transactions as defined by HIPAA, transmissions of information between two partied to carry out financial or administrative activities related to healthcare
verbiage a manner of expressing oneself in words
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