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Five Themes of Geogr

Middle Schopl

What theme answers the question, "Where is it?" location
What theme answers the question, "What is it like?" place
What theme explains how people affect, and are affected by, their environment? Human/Environment Interaction
What theme describes areas with similar characteristics? Region
What type of location tells exactly where something is? absolute location
What type of location tells where something is by referring to another place? relative location
Imports and exports would be an example of movement of ___________. goods
Reading a foreign newspaper or texting would be an example of movement of ___________. ideas
What theme would include the study of the consequences of people's actions? Human/Environment Interaction
Absolute location is expressed using ___________ latitude and longitude
These lines run EAST and WEST, but measure how far NORTH and SOUTH of the Equator a place is latitude lines
These lines run NORTH and SOUTH but measure how far EAST and WEST a location is longitude lines
A map showing mostly human items, such as national or state boundaries, important cities, and capitals political map
A map that shows mostly the natural features of the earth, such as lakes, rivers, mountains, and deserts physical map
An area of the world with similar or unifying characteristics is a. region
A long period of time during which the way people live does not change in any major way is a ____________ historical age
History began when ____________________ writing was invented
The time before the invention of writing is called _______________ prehistory
Writing was invented at about this date 3200BC
The first HISTORICAL age was the ______________ Ancient Age
The ancient era ended when this happened in 476 AD. The fall of Rome
The historical age that began after the fall of Rome is called _____________ the Middle Ages
The Renaissance was one of the events that ended _________________ the Middle Ages
What historical age do we live in today? the Modern Age
A major, comprehensive, long-lasting change in the way people live, work, and think is a ____________________ Revolution
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