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RMA Post Test Prep


The term tachycardia is synonymous with fast heart rate
Which of the following words best describes a muscular disorder? Polymyositis
Which of the following prefixes refers to a color? Melan/o-
Testicles that have failed to descend into the scrotum indicate cryptorchidism
All of the following apply to the development of a teaching plan EXCEPT the teaching plan should be in a visual and auditory format only
Which of the following is considered an appendage of the skin? Sudoriferous glands
A document that directs health professionals, in advance, regarding patients' wishes concerning medical care while they are still able to communicate them is living will
Which of the following terms relates to a respiratory disorder? COPD
Which of the following is considered a mandatory credential? Licensure
The bone that forms the inferior, posterior aspect of the skull is the occipital
The medical term meaning "hardening of the skin" is scleroderma
The organelle responsible for energy production is the mitochondria
Not committing any harm is nonmaleficence
Law developed and enforced by government agencies best describes administrative law
An idiopathic skin inflammation characterized by severe pruritis is called _____. eczematous dermatitis
A shallow depression on a bone is called a(n) _____. fossa
It is expected that health professionals will provide professional services within the constraints of their skills; this is called _____. scope of practice
An increased rate of breathing best describes tachypnea
Which of the following terms is spelled correctly? Adenosclerosis
The root vesic/o means bladder
The objective of therapeutic communication includes All of these answers
The medical abbreviation meaning "as desired" is prn
The AMA Code of Ethics subscribes to which of the following general principles? All of these answers
Which of the following terms relates to a gynecological disorder? salpingitis
Defamation of character employing the written word describes libel
Patients are more likely to learn from you if you do which one of the following? All of these answers
Manipulating the genes of offspring through either breeding or alteration is known as eugenics
Which of the following is spelled correctly? ophthalmology
Setting aside unpleasant thoughts and feelings best describes which of the following unconscious defense mechanisms? repression
Records requested by patients or third parties can be released under which of the following circumstances? Both of these answers
Which of the following combining forms means “eyelid”? Blephar/o
Releasing patient information without acquiring the patient's consent could lead to the charge of _____. Invasion of privacy
The medical abbreviation meaning "twice daily" is b.i.d.
Which one of the following is not a core principle of ethical decision making? Prejudice
The term meaning inflammation of the spinal cord is _____. myelitis
A raised lesion comprising a solid tissue mass is called _____. nodule
A process whereby certain health care organizations seek approval based on need, to add or expand services, or to acquire capital in excess of a specified threshold. CON
If an upset patient expresses frustration concerning a long wait, the medical assistant should say “I am sorry; excuse me while I check to see when you may expect to be seen.”
Balanitis refers to which body system? Reproductive system
In Abraham Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs, the need to be respected describes the self-esteem need
Which of the following best describes a function of the respiratory system? Air exchange
_____ is derived from the U.S. Constitution, which defines the structure and function of federal, state, and local government. Constitutional law
The structure known as the voice box is the larynx
Which of the following terms is spelled correctly? phagocytosis
Which of the following is considered an intentional tort? Defamation
A consent form is not required if the patient is unconscious and critically injured
Informed consent is most related to the concept of autonomy
Which one of the following illustrates the least professional attitude? Discussing an interesting patient with a significant other
The root hidr/o means sweat
The double membranous sac that envelops the heart is called the pericardium
An infestation of parasitic insects, characterized by pruritis and inflammation is pediculosis
"To do no harm” best describes nonmaleficence
The least serious degree of negligence is ordinary
A butterfly-shaped gland located on the anterior and lateral surface of the trachea is the thyroid
The medical abbreviation meaning to instill in the ears otic
A provider who specializes in diagnosing and treating conditions of the eye is a(n) ophthalmologist
Methods of discovering what is important to a patient include All of these answers
A chronic nervous disease caused by the degeneration of the myelin sheath is called _____. multiple sclerosis
Losses associated with adopting the sick role may include All of these answers
Which one of the following situations illustrates working as a team member? Mr. Jones has very fragile veins and the clinical medical assistant has been unable to obtain blood. After two attempts, she asks you if you would try. You are right in the middle of preparing the bank deposit, but you agree to try.
Which of the following veins drain the liver? Hepatic
Confidentiality is ethically supported by the concept of All of these answers
The plural form of fungus is fungi
What is the proper method of correcting errors in a medical record? Draw a single line through the error, date, and initial.
Communication is best defined as the process of sharing meaning
The twelfth cranial nerve is hypoglossal
The aqueous humor is situated ________ to the lens. anterior
Which of the following terms is spelled correctly? Hypopituitarism
An obligation to act in a certain way is a(n) duty
Which of the following should not be recorded in a patient's medical record? All of these answers
All of the following are functions of the integumentary system EXCEPT calcium storage
Ineffective patient education communication techniques include all of the following EXCEPT accepting
Reasons patients may be reluctant to ask that instructions be repeated include All of these answers
A(n) _____ is a state's acceptance of a delineated national examination score. endorsement
Which of the following statements iscorrect? The US Healthcare System is expected to spend over 3 trillion dollars by 2013
The underlined part of the word salpingopathy is the Combining form
Created by: monkmaroni
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