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RMA Post Test Prep


A(n) _____ is when a point value is assigned to the service performed based on the time, knowledge, and skill required. RVS
Generally, garnishment cannot exceed _____ of disposable income. 25%
An amount that is paid on an insurance contract prior to the payment of benefits is deductible
All of the following coding systems are associated with medical procedures EXCEPT ICD-9-CM
A check may be dishonored for which of the following reasons? All of these answers
Scheduling the number of patients that can be seen in one hour based on the average appointment describes the wave system
Which of the following would require an ICD-9-CM code? Glossitis
Categorizing accounts according to the number of days the account is past-due describes aging accounts receivable
Which of the following types of coding systems is a MFS for services based on the level of resources needed to provide a service? RBRVS
To mitigate potential legal difficulties, appointments should be recorded in indelible ink
The bank is also known as the drawee
A(n) ___ is a record of all fees and payments for each patient. ledger card
The purpose of records management includes which of the following? All of these answers
A property or right owned by a business defines asset
Which of the following is a process in bookkeeping? All of these answers
The smallest piece of information processed by a computer is the bit
Which of the following codes best characterizes a HCPCS Level II code? V4995
In word processing, to remove a portion of text and transport it to another section of the document describes cut and paste
Documents that have the important information highlighted have been annotated
Which of the following visitors should be immediately announced and escorted to the provider’s office? Health care providers
Which of the following ICD-9-CM codes refer to factors that influence health status? V-codes
Which of the following types of coding systems is a national coding system for reporting medical services to the Medicare program? Health Care Common Procedural Coding System
Which of the following is not a method of positive marketing of a medical practice? Billboards
All of the following are input devices EXCEPT the printer
According to ICD-9-CM coding conventions, malignant hypertension is a severe form with vascular damage
Which of the following is the least effective method for scheduling appointments? Tidal wave system
The most common color coding filing system color codes the patient’s surname
The bank statement shows a balance of $4,050.00. Outstanding deposits total $1,025.00, and outstanding checks total $700.00. The checkbook balance should be $4,375.00
Who of the following is most likely eligible for Medicaid? persons receiving Supplemental Security Income (SSI) for the aged and disabled
Office brochures provide all of the following information EXCEPT billing information
Open punctuation refers to placing no punctuation after the salutation
Contractual clauses that identify additional coverage beyond what is standard are called riders
The CPT modifiers -62 means two surgeons
In medical transcription, subheadings are indented _____ spaces. three to five
Which of the following is funded by both federal and state revenues? Medicaid
Which of the following is the universal claim form developed by CMS? CMS-1500
What is the role of a patient advocate? All of these answers
The process of activating the input of the operating system into main memory best describes booting
Computers that process discrete or binary numerical data are called digital
A medical assistant who is compensated every other Friday is being paid biweekly
Determining the true balance of an account is a process known as reconciling
A purchase agreement provision that covers the cost of repair due to faulty design or manufacturing is the warranty
A health care entitlement program for the indigent that is funded by both state and federal revenues but is administered by the state is Medicaid
The MA’s telephone voice should convey all of the following EXCEPT disinterest
The underlined portion of hypertension (orthostatic, benign, simple) identifies a(n) nonessential modifier
The person most likely to handle equipment purchases is the office manager
All of the following items are subtracted from the bank statement during reconciliation EXCEPT outstanding deposits
Which CPT modifier indicates that multiple modifiers have been assigned? -- 99
A filing sytem that organizes items chronologically for action when the date arrives is called a(n): Tickler file
Created by: monkmaroni
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