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Chap 5

Medical Terminology. Muscles and Tendons

Activ ROOT Movement
Con- With, together
Tract ROOT Draw
Multi- Many
Disciplin ROOT Instruction
Stalsis ROOT Constrict
Volunt ROOT Free will
Trophy Nourishment
-algia Pain
Fibr/o Fiber
My ROOT Muscle
Metabol ROOT Change
-steroid Steroid
Cortic/o From the cortex
Dys- Bad
-ive Nature of
Immune/o Immune response
Suppress ROOT Press under
-in Substance
My/o Muscle
Glob ROOT Globe
-lysis Destruction
Rhabd/o Rod-shaped
-sitis Inflammation
Ten/o Tendon
Synov ROOT Synovial membrance
Thym ROOT Thymus gland
-ory Having the function of
Ambulat ROOT Walking
Insert ROOT Put together
-or One who does
Rotat ROOT Rotate
Ceps ROOT Head
Brachi/i Of the arm
-alias pertaining to
Brachi ROOT Arm
Radi ROOT Radius
Delt ROOT Triangle
Dors ROOT Back
Ventr ROOT Belly
-imus Most
Latiss ROOT Wide
Dorsi ROOT Of the back
Thenar ROOT Palm
Tri- Three
Ab- Away from
Duct ROOT Lead
-or That which does something
Ad- Toward
-eal Pertaining to
-ius Pertaining to
Gastrocnem ROOT Calf of the leg
Glut ROT Buttocks
Poplit/e Ham, back of the knee
-is belonging to, pertaining to
Assist ROOT Aid
Device ROOT An appliance
Occuation Work
Orthot ROOT Correct
iatr ROOT Treatmeant
Physic ROOT Body
Physi/o Body
Re- Again
Habilitat ROOT Restore
Therapeut ROTO Treatment
Amput ROOT Prune
-ure Result of
Prevent Prevent
Restor ROOT Renew
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