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Chap 4

Medical Terminology. The Skeletal System

Chir/o Hand
Pract ROOT Efficient, Practical
-or A doer
-fication Remove
Muscul/o Muscle
Skelet ROOT Skeleton
Orth/o Straight
Ped ROOT Child
-ist Specialist
-in Chemical compound
Oste/o Bone
Calc ROOT Calcium
-path Disease
-pathy Disease
Cortic ROOT Cortex
Physis ROOT Growth
-ial pertaining to
Medulla ROOT Medulla
-ary pertaining to
-um Structure
Peri- Around
-plasia Formation
A- Without
Chondr/o Cartilage
-malacia Abnormal Softness
Myel ROOT Bone Marrow
-penia Deficient
-sis Condition
Por/o Opening
Sarc ROOT Flesh
Gen ROOT Creation
-ed Pertaining to
Comminut ROOT Break into pieces
Hermat ROOT Blood
-blast Immature cell
Cyte ROOT Cell
Path/o Disease
Log ROOT To study
-ure Result of
Fract ROOT To break
Cervic ROOT Neck
Kyph/o Bent, humpback
Sacr ROOT Sacrum
Scoli/o Crooked
Spin ROOT Spine
Vertebr ROOT Vertebra
Whip ROOT To swing
Lash ROOT End of whip
Crani ROOT Skull
-oid Resembling
Ethm ROOT Sieve
Lacrim ROOT Tears
Mandibul ROOT Mandible
Maxilla ROOT Maxilla
Occipit ROOT Back of the head
-ine Pertaining to
Palat ROOT Palate
Pariet ROOT Wall
Sphen ROOT Wedge
Tempor ROOT Time, temple
Tempo/o Temple
Zygomat ROOT Cheekbone
Acromi/o Acromion
Clavicul ROOT Clavicle
Articul ROOT Joint
Form ROOT Appearance, form
Dis- Apart, away from
Locat ROOT Place
Pector ROOT Chest
Scapul ROOT Scapula
Sub- Under, below, slightly
Luxat ROOT Dislocate
-ion Process
Aspirat ROOT To breathe on
Burs Root Bursa
-lum Small structure
Capit/u Small head
Pronat ROOT Bend down
Radi ROOT Radius
Supinat ROOT Bend backward
Trochle ROOT Pulley
Uln ROOT Ulna
Arthr ROOT Joint
Carp ROOT Wrist bones
Meta- After
Carp/o Bones of the wrist
Phalang/e Phalanx, finger or toe
-ism Condition
Rheumat ROOT A flow
Femor ROOT Femur
Ischi ROOT Ischium, hip bone
Pelv ROOT pelvis
Pub ROOT Pubis
Ili ROOT Ilium
-desis To fuse together
Radi/o Radiation
-ize Action
Stabil ROOT Steady, fixed
Vascul ROOT Blood vessel
Prosthet Prosthesis
Co- Together
Later ROOT Side
Fibul ROOT Fibula
Patell ROOT Patella
Tibi ROOT Tibia
-centesis Puncture
-graphy process of recording
-scopy Process of using an instrument to examine
-scope instrument to examine
-ment Action
De- Removal, out of
Hyper- Excessive
Flex ROOT Bend
Menisc ROOT Crescent, meniscus
Tendin ROOT Tendon
-eal Pertaining to
Calcan ROOT Calcaneus
Hallux ROOT Big toe
Valgus ROOT Turn out
-us pertaining to
Tars ROOT Ankle
-iatry Treatment
Pod ROOT Foot
-iatrist Practitioner
Amput ROOT To prune, top off
Bi- Two
Phos ROOT Phosphate
Phon ROOT Sound
-ery process of
Surg ROOT Operate
Estr/o Woman
-ose Full of
Gluc ROOT Sugar, glucose
Incis ROOT Cut into
Created by: sarahlemerson
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