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Chapter 1 SC

archaeology the study of the material remains of ancient peoples
artifact a tool, weapon, or other object left behind by early peoples
strait a narrow passage of water between two larger bodies of water
migration the movement of people into a new area
nomad person who moves from place to place
source a supply
maize a variety of corn
carbon dating a scientific method of determining the age of an artifact
estimate a rough calculation of a number
culture a people's shared values, beliefs, traditions, and behaviors
civilization civilization
complex highly detailed
theocracy a society that is ruled by religious leaders
hieroglyphic a form of writing that uses symbols or pictures to represent things, ideas, and sounds
link to connect
terrace a broad platform of flat land cut into a slope
irrigate to supply water to crops by artificial means
channel a long, narrow gutter or groove through which water can flow
pueblo a communal Native American structure with a flat roof; a type of Native American village
structure a building
federation a government that links and unites different groups
clan a group of people who have a common ancestor
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