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Nature of Govt

1st Govt Test

Who believed that humans are naturally cruel and greedy Hobbes
Who believed that people should be able to change government if it is not protecting them Locke
Why does government exist? They provide protection, they create rules, they provide law and order
Whose democratic concept involved believing that government should have 3 branches Montesquieu
Who believed that people do not have the right to change government Hobbes
Who believed that everyone has natural rights of life, liberty and property Locke
Whose democratic concept involved believing that governments should be governed by the general will or the majority of its people Rousseau
What is the cornerstone of a democratic government? finding a balance between liberty and equality.
The governing body of a nation, state, or community Government
A form of government that gives power to the people Democracy
people are born with these which include life, liberty, and property    Natural rights
Who believed that the right to govern should come from the consent of the governed Locke
Rule by a few elites whose right to rule is based on possession of wealth, social status, military position, or achievement Oligarchy
Between people and government, both sides agree to something in order to reach a shared goal  Social Contract
God gave the leader the right to rule Divine Right
the right of a group (later a country) to be free of outside interference Sovereignty
Representatives are chosen by the people to make decisions for them Indirect (Representative) Democracy-
Power of the king or queen is inherited Monarchy
The degree to which the people accept the authority of government Legitimacy
Those with power cannot make up all their own rules. They must follow an established code of law Rule by law
Citizens meet to discuss all policies and then make decisions based on majority rule Direct Democracy
what life or people would be like without government State of nature
Which type of government do citizens often have no rights? Dictatorship
Which type of government is a small group that rules the country? Oligarchy
Which type of government is led by a king or queen? Monarchy
In which type of government is there no government in charge? Anarchy
Which type of government is a democracy where citizens participate in lawmaking themselves? Direct Democracy
In which type of government is only one person in charge? Autocracy
In which type of government is god and religious law the governing authority? Theocracy
Which government is a democracy where citizens elect others to serve in government Indirect (Representative) Democracy
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