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med term slides 3

neur/o nerve
neurology study of nervous system
neurologist specialist who treats nervous system disease
neurosurgeon performs surgery on the nervous system
psych/o mind
psychology study of the mind
psychiatrist physician who treats mental illness
psychologist a person who studies the mind
psychotherapy treating mental disorders using words, etc
encephal/o brain
encephalitis inflammation of the brain
encephaloma brain tumor
encephalocele herniation of brain tissue
encephalomalacia softening of brain tissue
EEG electroencephalograms
EP evoked potentials
PSG polysomnograms
NCS nerve conduction study
ENG electronystagmograms
myel/o spinal cord
myelocele herniation of the spinal cord
poliomyelitis inflammation of spinal cord gray matter
myelodysplasia abnormal formation of the spinal cord
hyperplasia increased number of cells
hypertrophy increased size of cells
dysplasia improper development (difficult)
atrophy lack of development (degeneration)
DEFINITION: The cerebrum largest part of the brain, area where thought occurs
cerebral pertaining to the cerebrum
DEFINITION: Meninges is a three layered membrane that covers the brain and spinal cord- pia mater, arachnoid, dura mater
meningocele herniation of the meninges
myelomeningocele herniation of the spinal cord and meninges
meningitis inflammation of the meninges
meningomalacia softening of the meninges
carcin/o cancer
oste/o bone
emes/o vomitting
-algia pain
-oma tumor
-blast immature, embryonic cell
-hyper above, increased
-tomy cut into
-trophy development
-malacia softening
dys- difficult, painful
-cele hernia
neuralgia nerve pain
carcinoma cancerous tumor
osteoblast immature bone cell
hyperemesis excessive vomitting
aden/o-adenoma gland -benign
melan/o-melanoma black or dark pigmented - malignant
papill/o-papilloma small elevation of tissue- benign
fibr/o-adenofibroma fibrous tissue - benign
aden/o-adenocarcinoma gland-malignant
melan/o-melanocarcinoma black or dark pigmented-malignant
oste/o-osteoma bone-benign
chondro-chondroma cartilage-benign
leiomy/o-leiomyoma smooth muscle-benign
lip/o-lipoma fat-benign
oste/o-osteosarcoma bone-malignant
chondro-chondrosarcoma cartilage-malignant
leiomy/o-leiiomysarcoma smooth muscle-malignant
lip/o-liposarcoma fat-malignant
Created by: disney2000
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