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AMA basics, Hlthcare settings, history/med, skills, thptc comu, legal, lifethret

faciliate to make an action or process easier
homeopathy healing modality that uses diluted doses of certain substances to create a 'energy imprint' in the body to bring about a cure
manged care operation any healthcare setting or delivery system that is designed to reduce the cost of care while still providing access to care
PPO preferred provider organization; organization of providers who network together to offer discounts to purchasers of health care insurance
ambulatory care setting services provided on an outpatient basis -solo providers office -group practice -urgent care center -HMO Ambulatory latin-capable of walking
Affordable Care Act 2010 provide access to health insurance for individuals, families, and small buisness owners; reduc helath ins premium costs;limit he ability of ins comp to deny, rescind or restrict coverage
HMO health maintenance organization; type of managed care organization for profit corp HMO w/walls-offer a range of medical services under one roof HMO w/o walls-contract w/providers within the community to provide patient services for an agreed-upon fee
allopathic method of treating disease with remedies that produce effects dirrerent from those caused by the diesase itself. Most traditional practices are allopathic
asepsis protecting against infection caused by pathogenic microrganizms
Bubonic plague infectious desease with a high fatality rate; transmitted to himan form infected rats and ground squirrels by the bite of a rat flea
malaria acute infectious disease caused by the presence of protozan parasites within the red blood cells; usually comes form the bith of a female mosquito
moxibustion ancient chinese mehtod of treatment that uses a powdered plant substance onthe skin to raise a blister
pluralistic society where there are several distinct ethnic, religious, or cultural groups that coexist with one another
septicemia invasion of pathogenic bacteria into bloodstream
trephination cuttin out a circular section
Typhus acute infectious disease that causes severe headace, rash, high fever, and progressive neurologic involvement; prevelant were conditions are unsanitary and congested
Yellow fever acute infectious disease where a person develops jaundice, vomits, hemorrahages, and has a fever; caused mostly by mosquitos
parasympathetic nervous system part of autonomic nervous system; returning body to normal state after stress
sympathetic nervous system part of autonomic nervous system; prepares body for fight-or flight
clustering patient w/similar conditions and complaints scheduled together; grouping toghether nonverbal messages into statements or conclusions
compensation overemphasizing of charecteristics to make up for real or imagined failure or handicap
congruency verbal message and non-verbal message must agree
culteral brokering act of bridging, linking mediating, between groups/persons through process of reducing conflict or producing changes
culture attitudes and behavior that are characteristics of a particular group or organization
defense mechanism behavior that protects the psyche from guilt, anxiety, or shame
IPA independanct provider association; network of physicians in private practice who contract w/the association to treat patients for an agreed upon fee
integrative medicine bringing together two or more treatment modalities to function as a whole; seen in alternative forms of health care
displacement displacing negative feelings to someone else, something else, with no signifigance to the situation
encoding creating a message to be sent
hiearchy of needs needs that are arranged in a specific order or rank; sequential arrangement associated with Abraham Maslow
high-context communication reliance on body language, referance to objects in environment, culturaly relevant phraseology to convey and idea, relies on listener knowing related events through close association w/speaker or culture
kinesics study of body language
low-context communication communication style that use few environmental or cultural idioms to convey and idea or concept; ideas that are spelled out explicitly
sublimation redirecting a socially unacceptable impulse into one that is socially acceptable
projection act of placing one's own fellings on another
rationalization act of justification usually illigically; one uses to keep from facing the truth
regression moving back to a certain stage to avoid conflict or fear
road blocks verbal or non-verbal messages that block communication
therapeutic communication using well-defined, professional information skills, to create comfort when difficult/unpleasant info is exchanged
undoing actions desiged to make amends to conceal inappropriate behavior
durable power of attorney legal form that allows a person to act on anothers behalf in reguard to healthcare choices
palliative measures ttaken to relieve symptoms of disease
psychomotor retardation slowing of physical and mental reponses may be seen in depression
administer to give a medication
administrative law establishes agencies that are given power to make laws and establish regulations
ADR alternative dispute resolution; setteling differances out of court alternaative to trial
arbitration form of dispute resolution allowing neutral party to settle dispute
civil law law related to action between individuals
constitutional law laws made by constitutions of the united states or individual states
contract law law referring to aruments between individuals, entities and laws that are binding
criminal law law related to wrongs committed against the welfare and safety of society as a whole
defendant person who defends action brought in litigation
deposition oral testimony given by individual with a court reporter and attorneys for both sides present; often used as part of the discovery process
discovery time which both parties are allowed access to all info and evedince related to the case; follows subpeona process
dispense prepare and give medication to be taken at a later time
emancipated minor persons under 18yrs financially responsible for themselves and free of parental care
expert witness individual highly specified knowledge and skill in particular area who testifies to a standard of care
expressed contract written or verbal contract, specifically describes what each party in the contract will do
felony serious crime: murder, larceny (theft large sum of $), assult and rape
HIPPA Health Insurance Portability & Accountability Act of 1996 Government rules, regulations, procedures resulting from legislation to protect confidentiality of patient information
implied consent consent assumed by healthcare provider; examples-emergency situation or patient rolls up sleeve for injection
implied contract contract indicated by actions rather than words
incompetence legally insane persons, inadequate, not an adult
informed consent consent given by patient who is made aware of risks, procedure to be performed, expected outcomes, alternatives
malfeasance conduct that its illegal, or contrary to an officials obligaiton
negligence failure to exercise a certain standard of care
misfeasance civil law term referring to a lawful act, improperly or unlawfully executed
nonfeasance a civil law term referring to, failure to perform an act, official duty, legal requirement
malpractice professonal negligence
mature minor a person usually younger than 18ys able to understand and appriciate consequences of treatement, despite their young age
mediation a dispute resolution that allows a faciliator to help settle differences; come to an acceptable solution
interrogatory written set of questions that must be answered under oath, within specific time period, part of discovery process
IPV intimate partner violence
libel false and malicious writing about another constituting defamation of character
litigation court action
medically indigent individuals unabel to pay for their medical coverage
minor under 18yrs
misdemeanor lesser crime differs from state to state; public service, fine, probation
noncompliant failure to follow a required command or institution
PSDA patient self determination act; advance directive giving patients rights to be involved in ones own health care decisions
plaintiff person bringing charges in litigation
precedents rulings made at an earlier time including decisions made in court, interpretations of constitution, statuatory law decisions
prescribe to order or recommend the use of a drug, diet, other form of theropy
risk management ambulatory care setting techniques to keep practive and its environment and procedures safe for patients; reduces possibility of neglagence leading to torts and malpractice suits
slander false and malicious words about another constituting defamation of character
statuatory law refers to body of laws established by states
subpoena written command designating a person to appear in court under pentaly for failure to appear
tort wrongful acts that cause harm form one person to another
tort law laws that stem from torts; wronful acts that cause harm from one person to another
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