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Chapter 16

Endocrine System - Hypothalamus, Pituitary, Thyroid, etc

the hypothalamus maintains homeostasis by: controlling body temperature, growth, blood pressure, etc.
what is the pituitary gland? cluster of cells hanging from the hypothalamus
the pituatary gland sits ___ in the sella turcica
where is ADH and oxycotin stored? the posterior pituitary
the ___ connects the pituitary gland to the hypothalamus infundibulum
___ is in control of cervical/uterine stretching oxytocin
ADH: prevents urine production
ADH stimulates: the kidneys to reabsorb & conserve water
the anterior pituitary is composed of __ tissue glandular
tropic hormones __ control release of other hormones
__triggers labor & delivery oxycotin
the thyroid-stimulating hormone: promotes normal development/activity of the thyroid gland
which hormone is released by stress? ACTH
which hormone stimulates adrenal cortex & releases corticosteroids? ACTH
the follicle stimulating hormone regulates: sex cell production
prolactin promotes: milk production
luteinizing hormone stimulates: gonaadal hormone production
oxycotin represents __ feedback positive
when the neuron fires, ___ are released hormones
the __ plays a major role in metabolism thyroid
the thyroid overlays the __ trachea
what structure directs the body stress response? hypothalamus
the thyroid-stimulating hormone (TSH) target tissue: thyroid
ACTH target tissue: adrenal cortex
the thyroid gland directs: gene transciption
the thyroid gland helps: cell burn energy
hyroid gland is: lipid soluble, amino acid based
which gland requires iodine? thyroid gland
if you have a lot of thyroid glands in the body, body uses ___ ATP and will cause __ more - weight loss
graves disease is caused from: too much thyroid
too much thyroid is called; hyperthyroidism
hypothyroidism: iodine deficiency
when your'e not pumping enough iodine, this is known as: goiter
PTH is released in response to: low blood calcicum
the parathyroid gland secretes: calcitonin & parathyroid gland
which gland regulates calcium? parathyroid gland
the paraythyroid gland stimulates: the kidney - helps absorb calcium
PTH has a __ stimuli humoral
where is the parathyroid gland found? on the side of the thyroid
the adrenal glands sits on: the superior side of the kidney
the adrenal glands are composed of the ___ and ___ medulla - cortex
the medulla is the ___ portion central (inside)
the cortex ___ portion overlays the top (outside)
the cortex produces 3 groups of steroid hormones are: mineral corticoids, gonaadcorticoids & glucocorticoids
__ helps the body deal with stress cortisol
the adrenal medulla produces : epinephrine & norepiniphrine
the catecholamines are derived from: dopamine
glucocorticoids are stored & released from the__ adrenal cortex
the glucocorticoids consists of is a response to: stress
cortisol release is stimulated by: ACTH
short term stress (known as acute stress) is caused by: classic adrenal rush
with acute stress, the ___ nervous system is activated sympathetic
when kidneys retain water & sodium...this is tied to ___ stress prolonged
in prolonged stress the immune system gets __ suppressed
mineralcorticoids regulates: sodium ion reabsorption & potassium ion excretion by the kidneys
gonadocaticoids are ___ that is produced in __ amounts androgens - small
what 2 cells do the pancreas secrete? beta cells & alpha cells
beta cells secretes: insulin
alpha cells secretes: glucagon
the pancreas can be ___ or ___ endocrine - exocrine
when glucose increases. what happens? insulin is released -> stimulates glucose ->glucose falls to lower level
when glucose drops, it stimulates ___ breakdown then ___ glycogen - > alpha cells release glucagon ->liver is stimulated to release glucose to blood
adipose tissue releases: leptin
gastrointestinal tract gastrin, ghrelin
the heart releases: atrial natriuretic peptide (food balance)
the skeleton releases: osteocalcin
kidneys release what hormone? erythropoietin
what does EPO do? stimulate RBC production
the skin releases what hormone? cholecalciferol
what are islets of langerhans? clusters of endocrine cells that secrete the pancreas hormones
glucagon affects the __ liver
when glucose is low, ___ is released glucagon
___ is released when glucose is high insulin
__ increases glycogen synthesis insulin
glucagon & insulin has what type of effect? an antagonist
___ increases blood sugar glucagon
insulin ___ blood sugar
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