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Chapter 17


what are the 3 functions of the blood? transportation, regulation, protection
waste gets excreted through the __ kidney
in transportation, what happens? oxygen & nutrients gets delivered to the body tissues
when waste gets removed, hormones are transported from the __ to ___ endocrine cells -> target organs
what is the function of hemoglobin? transports respiratory gases
maintaining body temperature, regulating blood pH, fluid volume & heat loss/distribution is apart of __ regulation
when the blood vessels are damaged __ and __ initiate clot formation plasma & platelets
blood is composed of: plasma & formed elements
this is the liquid portion that counts for 55% of the blood. plasma
hemoglobin binds to __ oxygen
formed elements arise from hematopoietic cells in __ bone marrow
RBC's make up__ of the blood 45%
the proteins of plasma: albumin, globulin & fibrogen
fibrogen helps with__ clotting
globulin immune response
albumin is is control of: locking fluid in
the plasma consists of: proteins. nutrients, electrolytes, respiratory gases & hormones
___ blood cells can go through the blood vessels easily red
what protein makes RBC's red? hemoglobin
this results from single amino acid change in beta chain of hemoglobin. sickle cell anemia
__ binds easily and is reversible to oxygen hemoglobin
the stage in erythrocyte development when the nucleus is lost. reticuloyte
heme has __ in it. this is why it can bind to __ has iron - oxygen
globin amino acids
red blood cells main function is: oxygen transport
hypoxic means: low oxygen
this type of blood cell has no nucleus & no organelles. RBC's
___ enhances the release of EPO. this is the reason why males have a higher __ testoreone - hematocrit
RBC's has a __ structure quarternary
how many oxygen molecules can be transported by 1 hemoglobin molecule? 4
polycthemia too many RBC's
when enough blood cells aren't getting produced, it is referred to as: anemia
what is hematocrit? percentage of red blood cells in the blood
polycythemia vera is bone marrow cancer
polycthemia ___ viscosity of the blood increases
a buffy coat is ___ and is located __ a layer of white blood cells - between the RBC's and plasma
white blood cells known as (leukocytes) helps the body: fight infection (immune system)
the only formed element that has organelles and a nucleus. WBC's
leukocytes are grouped in 2 main categories called? granulocytes & agranulocytes
granulocytes are composed of: neutrophils, eosinophil & basophil
basophils contain __ which helps with: histamine - inflammation
what is the most numerous WBC? neutrophils
the least numerous WBC is__ basophils
neutrophils: active phagocytes
this leukocyte attack parasitic worms eosinophil
with this type of leukocyte, numbers increase during an allergic reaction. eosinophil
monocytes contain: macrophages
lympocytes immune system
___ is stimulated from the bone marrow when oxygen is too low EPO
EPO formation can be triggered by: iron deficiency, reduced availability to oxygen & reduced numbers of RBC's (due to bleeding or excessive RBC destruction)
leukocytosis when EBC count is over 11,000
abnormally low WBC is known as: leukopenia
overproduction of abnormal white blood cells is known as leukemia
what regulates platelet formation? thrombopoietin
platelets are cell fragments called ___ formed in the bone marrow megakaryocytes
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