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Watertight manholes are made of brick or concrete, how many feet in diameter at sewer, and should be placed at junctions & bends in the line? 4 feet diameter at sewer level
Invert of inlet pipe on a drop manhole must be how many feet above the outlet? 2 feet above outlet pipe
Leaching cesspools should only be used where subsoil is porous to a new depth of at least how many feet and groundwater is below this elevation? 8 to 10 feet for soil but below for groundwater.
Only what schedule or heavier pipe should be used when plastic pipe is being threaded? 80
What is the most common trap used in plumbing? P-Trap
The tank trailer or "water buffalo" has a capacity how many gallons of water? 400 gallons of water.
What are the four methods of joining plastic pipe? Solvent welding, fusion welding, fillet welding, and threading.
Plastic pipe should not be stored more than how many feet high during prolonged storage? 2 feet.
The Milnor washer uses how many gallons of water per wash cycle? 125 gallons per wash cycle.
What joints eliminate the use of oakum and mortar joins for sewer mains? Speed seal.
Joints on vitrified clay and concrete pipe may be made of cement or what other components? Bituminous
Vitrified clay pipe is made of moistened powder clay. It is available in laying lengths of 2, 2.5, and 3 feet & in diameters ranging from 4 to ___ inches? 42 inches
When lead is melted, what forms on top of the molten metal? Slag
What bend is used to change direction of a cast iron soil pipeline 22 and a half degrees? 1/16 bend
What is the recommended distance cast iron soil pipe should protrude from a building; per National Standard Plumbing code? 3 feet
What pipes are installed underground by a UT? Cast Iron soil pipe, vitrified clay pipe, concrete pipe, plastic pipe.
When is the Seabees birthday? March 5, 1942
Who is the founder of the Seabees? Admiral Ben Morrell
What year was the NAVFAC CEC published? 1867
What is the most effective tear agent causing incapacitation 20-60 seconds after exposure? O-Chlorobenzylidene Malononitrile
When does a victim stop breathing after inhaling a high concentration of a blood agent? One minute.
What is the most hazardous form of radiation? Gamma rays
Symptoms of Nerve Agent Contamination Runny nose, tightness of chest, contraction of eye pupils, nausea, cramps, headaches, coma, and convulsions.
How many hours until skin turns red after being exposed to mustard vapour? 1/2 hour to 36 hours
What are three radiation hazards? Internal contamination, penetration dose, skin dose
What are the four types of nuclear radiation? Alpha particles, beta particles, neutrons, and gamma rays
To eliminate accidental trip of valve, air pressure should be how much psi higher than calculated pressure of dry pipe? 20 psi
The difference in area between two clappers is what ratio? 6:1
In a dry pipe, sprinkler systems normally have air or what? Nitrogen
What is the most common type of sprinkler system? Wet pipe
How many components does a sprinkler system have? 3
What are the pipes called that let outside air into pipes? Vents
Flash blindness is normally of a temporary nature since the eyes can recover in about 15 minutes in the daytime and ___ minutes in the night? 45 minutes to recover at night time.
Permanent damage to your eyes caused by burns from thermal radiation may occur ___ or more miles from a large yield nuclear weapon? 40 miles or more
Second degree burns may be received at distances of how many miles or more depending on the size of the nuclear weapon? 25 miles
The effects of nuclear weapons are divided into what three categories? Blast, heat, and nuclear radiation.
What is the most effiecent means of delivering biological agents on a large scale? Aerosols
The effects of tear gas disappear in how many minutes after reaching fresh air or donning a mask? 5-10 minutes
What type of agent renders personnel incapable of performing their duties by interfering with the mental process to control bodily functions? Non lethal incapacitating
What type of anti personnel agents do nerve, blister, choking, and blood agents fall into? Casualty
Atmospheric pressure at sea level is about how many pounds per square inch? 14.7 pounds per square inch
The pipes in a water line may follow the contour of the earth's surface in a trench that is a minimum of how many feet deep? 2 feet deep
Water pipes should be laid 1 foot above and how many feet away from nearby sewers? 10 feet away from nearby sewers
Cast-iron pressure pipe for water mains comes in how many foot lengths with either bell and spigot or mechanical (gland type) joints? 20 foot lengths
The process used to soften copper is called what? Annealing
How many methods are used in measuring pipe or tubing? 7 methods
What is a method of forming the end of copper into a funnel shape, so it can be held in a threaded fitting when a line joint is being made? Flaring
What is the process of applying a small amount of solder to the end of the copper before it is inserted into the sweat fitting? Tinning
In SILVER BRAZING, also called SILVER SOLDERING or HARD SOLDERING, joint members are fused by heating with a gas flame and silver alloy filler metal with a melting point above what temperature, but below the melting point of the base metal? 800 degrees F
Silver-brazed joints have high strength on ferrous and nonferrous metals. On stainless steel, it is possible to develop a joint tensile strength of approximately how many pounds per square inch (psi)? 130,000 pounds per square inch
What is an all-purpose industrial fuel that has the high-flame temperature of acetylene and the handling characteristics of propane? MAPP gas
In jobs requiring higher pressure and gas flow, MAPP at the full-cylinder pressure of what psig at 70 degrees F can be used safely? 95 psig
What is the most important step of successful welding with MAPP gas? Flame adjustment
The explosive limits of MAPP gas range from 3.4 percent to 10.8 percent in air or 1.5 percent to what percent in oxygen? 60% in oxygen
MAPP gas has a detectable odor at 100 ppm or at a concentration of what amount of it's lower explosive limit? 1/340
What is a colorless, tasteless, and odorless gas slightly heavier than air? Oxygen
Filler rods for steel are often coated with what to protect them from corrosion during storage? Copper
If acetylene cylinders are not stored upright (valves at top), they must not be used until they have been allowed to stand upright for at least how many hours to prevent acetone discharge? At least 12 hours
What term means that wrought-iron and steel iron are protected to resist corrosion? Galvanized
What joins two pipes of different sizes? Reducer
What reduces the size of openings of fittings and valves to a smaller diameter? Bushings
Cement-asbestos pipe is corrosion resistant and doesn't rust or rot. It has a smooth interior surface that's a favorable friction factor. Pipe comes in sizes from 3 to 36 inches in diameter for pressures of 50 to 200 psi and in lengths of 5, 10, and ? ft? 13 feet
Joints in cement-asbestos pipe are made with a special coupling with how many rubber sealing rings? Three rubber sealing rings
Ductile iron is a cast iron in which the carbon is reformed by what? Magnesium inoculation
What are used to stop, throttle, or control the flow of water in a pipeline? Valves
What valve is used in systems where a straight flow with the least amount of restriction is needed? Gate valve
What type of valve is light in weight, takes up less space than a globe valve, or gate valve, is easy to overhaul, and can be opened or closed quickly? Butterfly valve
What type of valves are automatic valves used to provide a steady pressure lower than that of the supply pressure? Pressure-reducing valve
What is the best way to extend the service life of valves and fittings? Periodic maintenance
When a valve seat contains irregularities that are too large to be removed by grinding-in, by what method? Lapping
In general, rings used as packing are used in valves that require packing larger than what size? 1/4 inch
Most large manually operated valves are operated through gears as are motor-operated valves. These gears are housed in what? Gearboxes
What measures the flow of water within a line to a point of distribution , such as laundries, housing areas, and so on? Water meters
What keeps moisture from condensing on the outside of cold pipes? Insulation
All trenches deeper than how many feet must have their sides supported or protected by sloping or battering? If deeper than 5 feet
Ladders used as access ways should extend from the bottom of the trench to not less than three feet above the surface. Lateral travel to an exit ladder should not exceed how many feet? 25 feet
Which type of plan contains general goals and broad guidelines? Policy
What is a plan or system under which action may be taken towards a goal? Program
What is the altering of a natural environment in an adverse way called? Environmental pollution
Which type of pollutants include insecticides, herbicides, pesticides, natural and chemical fertilizers , drainage from animal feedlots, salts from field irrigation, and silts from uncontrolled soil erosion? Agricultural
What are copies of mechanical or other types of technical drawings referred to as? Blueprints
Which term means interpreting ideas expressed by others on drawings, whether or not the drawings are actually blueprints? Blueprint reading
Original drawings are drawn or traced, directly on translucent tracing paper or cloth, using black waterproof India ink, a pencil, or what other systems? Computer Aided Drafting
Which type of patented paper produces prints with black lines on a white background? BW paper
Which process is used by businesses to incorporate reduced-size drawings into reports or records? Photostatic
How many levels of Seabee construction management are there? Three
What level of construction management is used at the company level? Level Two
What level of construction management is used at the Operations Officer or detail Officer-In-Charge level? Level One
What level of construction management focuses on the crew leader and the crew leader's particular project? Level Three
What method is construction management in the Seabees based on? Critical Path Method
Seabees began deploying yearly to the continent of Antartica in what year? 1955
The Chief of Naval Operations granted authority for the establishment of 18 reserve battalions in July of what year? 1960
It was during the summer of what year that the Seabees first went to work for the State Department? 1964
In what year was the Naval Support Unit, State Department officially established to administer Seabees assigned to support the Foreign Service? 1966
On what date did the first full Seabee battalion arrive in Vietnam to build an expeditionary airfield for the Marines at Chu Lai? May 7th 1965
What is a balanced, air ground combined arms task organization of Marine Corps forces under a single commander, structured to accomplish a specific mission? MAGTF
No matter it's size, a MAGTF consists of a Command Element and at least how many major subordinate elements? Three
What is the MAGTF headquarters and it is established for effective planning and execution? Command Element
What is task-organized to conduct ground operations , project combat power, and contribute to battle space dominance in support of the MAGTF's mission? Ground Combat Element
What provides all or a portion of the six functions of Marine aviation necessary to accomplish the MAGTF's mission? Aviation Combat Element
What kind of system is used where there is an extra hazard, such as areas where flammable liquids or propellants are handled or stored, or where there is a possibility that a fire might grow faster than ordinary sprinkler systems can control? Water deluge
What are nozzles placed at intervals along the piping network to distribute a uniform pattern of water on the area being protected? Sprinklers
Sprinklers have orifices ranging in size from 1/4 inch to 1/2 inch diameter graduated by what size increments? 1/16 inch
What gives different patterns of water distribution and allow the sprinkler to be placed in various locations such as upright pendent, or sidewall? Deflectors
What are the four types of release mechanisms for automatic sprinklers? Fusible link, frangible bulb, frangible pellet, and bimetallic element.
What is an elevated working platform for supporting both men and materials? Scaffold
Three primary categories of scaffolding? tubular, suspended, or rolling
What is a group of sewer pipes and pumps designed to convey domestic and industrial wastes and to transport them to a wastewater treatment plant? Wastewater system
Sewers should be designed to let the wastewater move at not less than how many feet per second? Not less than 2 feet per second
what let's you inspect and clean sewer lines? Manholes
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