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SAT vocab 1-18

Vocab. List 1

affable (adj) easily approachable; warm and friendly
affirmation (n) assertion; confirmation; declaration that is made under oath to an authority
the aggregate (n) the total; cluster composed of many individual peices
to aggregate (v) to collect or gather into a pile or cluster
alleviate (v) relieve; make more bearable; to reduce the pain or trouble of something
aloof (adj) apart; reserved; separated; not involved with or friendly towards people
altruistic (adj) unselfishly generous; concerned for others; feelings and behavior that show a desire to help others
ambiguous (adj.) unclear or doubtful in meaning; not expressed or understood clearly; capable of being understood or interpreted in more than one way
ambivalence (n.) the state of having contradictory or conflicting emotions or attitudes; feeling two or more ways about one person, object, action, idea, etc.
amorphous (adj.) lacking shape of definition; formless; lacking organization or unity
analogous (adj.) comparable; being related or similar; likeness that allows one to draw an analogy
anarchist (n.) a person who seeks to overturn the established government; an advocate of abolishing authority
animosity (n.) bitter hostility; active hatred; a strong feeling of dislike or hatred
articulate (adj.) able to express oneself clearly and effectively
artifact (n.) object made by human beings such as a tool or a weapon; a simple object that was made by people in the past
artisan (n.) manually skilled worker; craftsman as opposed to artist; a person who is skilled at making things by hand
ascendancy (n.) controlling influence; domination; a position of power in which someone can control or influence other people
the ascetic (n.) a person who leads a life of self-denial
ascetic (adj.) relating to or having a strict and simple way of living life that avoids luxury or worldly pleasures
aspire (v.) seek to attain; to want to have or achieve something; to desire to accomplish a particular goal
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