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unit 1

principles of health science

hospitals are classified as general, specialty, or government, depending on the sources of income received FALSE
the term clinic can refer to a group of medical or dental doctors who share a facility and other personnel TRUE
the national institutes of health (NIH) is an international agency sponsored by the United Nations. FALSE
the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) is concerned with the causes, spread, and control of diseases. TRUE
voluntary or nonprofit agencies are supported by donations, memberships fees, and federal or state grants TRUE
insurance plans vary in the amount of payment and the type of services covered TRUE
Managed care is a concept that has developed In response to rising health care cost. TRUE
Medicare is a medical assistance program for individuals with low income and individuals who are physically disabled or blind FALSE
TRICARE is a government program that provides health care for all military active duty members and their families. TRUE
an organization structure should indicate areas of responsibility and lead to the most efficient operation of a facility TRUE
in preferred provider organizations, insured people are restricted to using specific hospitals or doctors TRUE
deductibles are amounts of money subtracted from a bill by a health care agency if a person has insurance FLASE
medical centers at universities may offer free treatment and care to provide learning experience for medical students TRUE
the health care worker should understand the functions and goals of an employing organization TRUE
diagnostic related groups are one way Congress is trying to control cost for government insurance plans such as Medicare and Medicaid TRUE
Hippocrates developed an organized method to observe the human body and recorded the signs and symptoms of many diseases TRUE
the most rapid advances in health care occurred during the 20th century TRUE
a pandemic of the bubonic plague killed 3/4 of the population of Europe and Asia in the 16th century FALSE
Michelangelo and Leonardo da Vinci used dissection in order to draw the human body more realistically TRUE
holistic health care promotes physical, emotional, social, intellectual, and spiritual well-being TRUE
most assisted or independent living facilities are associated with nursing homes, extended care facilities and/or skilled care facilities TRUE
telemedicine uses video, audio, and computer systems to provide medical care and/or health care services TRUE
commentary therapies are methods of treatment used in place of biomedical therapies FALSE
every patient has the right to choose or refuse any type of health care. TRUE
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