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W2 unit 1

What is Gov test

You found it congrats
Fill in the blank. Society ____ in government. Participants. Lauren S.
Government controls what with laws? Society. Lauren S.
Name the four essentials of a state. Lauren S. Population, territory, sovereignty, and government.
Is Kansas a state? Lauren S. Nope; the US is but Kansas is not.
Where is the power in a unitary government? Central government; one government. Lauren S.
True or False: A federal government layers the power. True. Lauren S.
True or False: In a confederate government, the power lies in one, central government. False. The power lies in each individual state; scattered. Lauren S.
Presidential government? Lauren S. Form of democratic gov't. in which the president holds power. Separate powers, but checks and balances.
Parliamentary government? Lauren S. Executive and legislative branches both occupy parliament and are together.
Name three governments with only one person in power. Lauren S. Autocracy, dictatorship, and monarchy.
The person in power has obtained this power through inheritance (Kings and Queens). What type of government it this? Monarchy. Lauren S.
What is an Oligarchy? Lauren S. System of government in which a small elite group holds power.
What system of government is the USA? Lauren S. Democracy. The people hold the power.
Define dictatorship. Lauren S. One person controls all aspects of government, usually by force.
Name the four purposes of government. Lauren S. Maintaining social order, providing public services, providing national security, and making economic decisions.
What does the government do to politics? (Hint: Look at the American Political Culture sheet) Lauren S. Government controls how we influence the government.
Name the three branches of government in the USA? Lauren S. Executive, Legislative, and Judicial