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Chapter 6 part 2

Disease names

Azotemia Urea in the blood (a toxic condition resulting from disease of the kidney in which waste products are in the blood that are normally excreted by the kidney)
Cystitis Inflammation of the bladder
Cystocele Protrusion of the bladder
Cystolith Stone (s) in the bladder
Glomerulonephritis Inflammation of the glomeruli of the kidney
Hydronephrosis Abnormal condition of water in the kidney
Nephritis Inflammation of the kidney
Nephroblastoma or Wilms tumor Kidney tumor containing developing (germ) cells
Nephrohypertrophy Excessive development of the kidney
Nephrolithiais Condition of stones in the kidney
Nephroma Tumor of the kidney
Nephromegaly Enlargement of the kidney
Nephroptosis Drooping kidney
Pyelitis Inflammation of the renal pelvis
Pyelonephritis Inflammation of renal pelvis and kidney
Ureteritis Inflammation of ureter
Ueterocele Protrusion of ureter (distantly into the bladder)
Ureterolithiasis Condition of stone (s) in the ureter
Ureterostenosis Narrowing of the ureter
Urethrocystitis Inflammation of the urethra and the bladder
Epispadias Congenital defect in which the urinary meatus is located on the upper surface of the penis
Hypospadias Congenital defect in which the urinary meatus is located on the underside of the penis a similar defect can occur in female
Polycystic kidney disease Condition in which the kidney contains many cysts and is enlarged
Renal failure Loss of kidney function resulting in its ability to remove waste products from the body and maintain electrolyte balance
Renal hypertension Elevated blood pressure resulting from kidney disease
Urinary retention Abnormal accumulation of urine in the bladder not being able to urinate
Urinary suppression Sudden stop of urine formation
Urinary tract infection Infection of one or more organs in the urinary tract
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