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Medical Terminology

Trouble prefix/Suffix/Root Words

auscul/o- listening
vesicul/o- bladder / fluid-filled sac
articul/o- joint
calcane/o- heel bone / calcaneus
ethm/o- sieve
goni/o- angle
ischi/o- hip bone / ischium
kyph/o- bent / humpbacked
lacrim/o- tears
lord/o- swayback / an exaggerated spinal curvature at the lumbar
pariet/o- wall of cavity
perone/o fibula / lower leg bone
albumin most abundant plasma protein
eosin/o- red acidic die (eosin)
aggreg/o- together / crowding
-ian action / condition
uln/o- ulna / forearm bone
tars/o- ankle
sphen/o- wedge shape
sacr/o- sacrum
pub/o- hip bone / pubis
ungu/o- nail
theli/o- cell layer
sudor/i- sweat
sebace/o- sebum (oily secretion of sebaceous glands)
rhytid/o- wrinkle
plast/o growth / formation
pil/o- hair
pedicul/o- lice
onych/o- nail
kel/o- tumor / fibrous growth
integu/o- to cover
integument/o skin
hirsut/o- hairy
ecchym/o- blood in the tissues
cut/i- skin
cry/o- cold
all/o- other / strange
actin/o- ray / radiation
thym/o- thymus / denotes mind, soul, emotions
thromb/o- blood clot
reticul/o- small network
phil/o- having an affinity or love for
phag/o- eating or swallowing
neutr/o- neutral / not taking part
morph/o- shape or form
kary/o- nucleus
bas/o- base of structure / basic
vascul/o- blood vessel
steth/o- chest
sphygm/o- pulse
isch/o- keep back or block
infarct/o- area of dead tissue
coron/o- structure that encircles (like a crown)
athero- soft, pasty materials
angi/o- blood vessel / lymphatic vessel
perone/o lower leg bone / fibula
-rrhage, -rrhagia rupture
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