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Aerial Lift

Aerial Lift Study Games

What are the two main risk with operating an aerial lift? Electrocution caused by operating too close to power lines or using unsafe work practices and injuries caused by falling as a result of equipment failure or performing an unstable maneuver
What are the three common causes of aerial lift accidents? Stability problems, Operator error, Violating OSHA regulations
Unmarked controls is an example of violating osha/dot regulations? True
Failure to use wheel chocks? Violates OSHA/DOT regulations.
What is a Boom? A movable, mechanical structure used to support a platform, material handling components and/or other attachments on a unit.
There are fedreal, state, ________ and company regulations governing the safe operation of aerial lifts. Local
OSHA _____.67 is a federal regulation for Vehicle-Mounted Elevating and Rotating Work Platforms. It contains specific requirements for articulating boom platforms 1910
OSHA _____.453 is a fedreal regulation for extendable boom platforms including daily lift control tests, unauthorized belting off locations, authorized and unauthorized work positions, harness and lanyard usage 1926
What is an Articulating Boom? An aerial device with two or more boom sections that are connected at joint(s) that allows one boom to pivot with respect to the adjacent boom.
ANSI A92.2 contains general responsibilities for owners and users inspection and testing certifications, inspection item lists and maintenance and frequency of maintenance guidelines? True
Power line voltage between 300V - 750V requires what minimum distance? 12 inches
Power line voltage between 750V - 2KV requires what minimum distance? 18 inches
Power line voltage between 2KV - 15KV requires what minimum distance? 24 inches
Power line voltage between 15KV - 37KV requires what minimum distance? 36 inches
Power line voltage between 37KV - 87.5KV requires what minimum distance? 42 inches
Power line voltage between 300V and less requires what minimum distance? Avoid contact
Aerial lift cab inspections include: Fire extinguisher (Must be in cab), First aid kit and flares, Lights, including any strobe or other warning lights and ________ ________ Wheel chocks
When performing the cab inspection, locate the truck battery charger (equipped on some aerial lift vehicles) and verify that it is plugged into the? Ground fault circuit interrupter
A device that protects against electric shock if a technician comes into contact with a live/hot wire and a path to ground that would result in a current through his/her body. Ground fault circuit interrupter
Checking emergency power is not part of the engine compartment inspection? False
Setting of the circuit breakers for the generator’s DC output is part of what type of inspection? Engine compartment
Low tire pressure can affect the ________ of the aerial lift? Stability
Checking bolts, welds, hydraulic oil level, hydraulic oil lines, loose objects on the boom and in the bucket, lower and upper lift controls, leveling system, decals, bucket is part of what type of inspection? Aerial lift
The four different categories of bolts requiring inspection are: bolts holding pin retainer tabs, bolts holding pin retainer washers, ________ ________ ________ and the upper rotation bearing bolts Pedestal mounting bolts
You want to inspect these for signs of fatigue, rust, and cracks? Welds
Critical weld locations are: turret wings are welded to the base plate, cylinder mounts are welded to the boom, cylinder mounts are welded to the ________ and welds are on the platform support. Turret
Hydraulic oil level inspections help maintain proper operating oil temperature and ________. Pressure
During your walk around, check the condition of all identification, caution, warning, operational, and ________ decals. Instructional
The Inspection and Test is designated in ANSI A92.2 to be performed at daily to monthly intervals. Frequent
A structural member, which when properly extended or deployed on firm ground or outrigger pads, assists in stabilizing the mobile unit? Outrigger
In addition to normal vehicle inspections, there are daily, weekly, monthly, every two months, and semiannual inspections and tests? True
Testing controls and operating systems, electrical power, inspecting the bucket, verifying that the bucket and boom are secured, inventory of all safety equipment, etc. are required to be inspected _______. Daily
Battery condition, fan belt pump, rotation chain, bolt tightness, stabilizers and proper operations are required to be inspected ________. Weekly
Structural, telescoping bearings, telescoping boom and boom pads, rust, wiring, bucket override, rotation limit switches, holding valves, interior of boom, hydraulic leveling system and decals are required to be inspected ________. Monthly
Lubricating zerks and checking the gearbox oil level are required to be inspected every ________. two months
Changing the hydraulic filter, inspecting the hydraulic oil, checking all valve pressure settings are required to be inspected ______-annually? semi
A grease fitting invented by an American (Austrian-born) inventor who invented the grease fitting in the early 1900’s. Zerk
A vehicle with a Gross Vehicle Weight Rating (GVWR) greater than or equal to ________ lbs, requires a CDL. 26,001
The Maximum permissible weight of the unit, including the vehicle plus all fluids, cargo, optional equipment and accessories. Gross Vehicle Weight Rating
Low hanging tree limbs, restaurant drive-thru signs, gas station awnings and other overhead obstacles are all part of aerial lift vehicle ________ hazards. Driving
Standing water and marshy areas, rocks, stumps and tall grass, overhead or side obstructions, conditions of roads and traffic pattern are just a few examples of evaluating the ______ ______ Work site
Reduces stability, places additional stress on rotation system and requires extra precaution to avoid overturning vehicle? Parking on a slope
Always operate your aerial lift vehicle on a slope less than or equal to __° (approximately 1-foot rise in 12 feet) to avoid overturning the aerial lift. 5
Perform all work with your boom headed ________ and beyond the center of your aerial lift vehicle to avoid overturning it. Uphill
________ ________ by maintaining correct tire pressure, positioning vehicle near work site, facing vehicle up or down the slope, head boom uphill and maintain boom beyond the center of your vehicle, using outrigger pads and not exceeding 5 degree slope. Optimize stability
For manual transmissions: engage the ______ ______ ____ (PTO) before leaving your aerial lift vehicle cab. Power take off
An additional mechanism enabling vehicle engine power to be used to operate non-automotive equipment such as a pump? Power take off
________ aerial lift vehicle to minimize reach, avoid overhead obstacles and provide safe and proper lift and rotation. Position
There are different types of decals: Danger, Warning, Caution and ________ Instructions/Notice. Operating
______ can occur from falling, equipment failure, and unstable maneuvering. Injuries
Utilize proper ________ control techniques to: Reduce accidents, minimize chance of injury to you/public, reduce chance of damage to private and public property, minimize the possibility of claims and litigation arising from work zone accidents, etc. Traffic
When weather is below freezing, operate the boom pump __ __ __ minutes prior to the start of work to ensure all boom/bucket components are properly functioning. 5 to 10
A hydraulic line leak will create a ________ ________ Slippery surface
Hydraulic oils are not flammable? False
It is not important to face the direction you are maneuvering the bucket prior to ascending? False
When storing your aerial lift for travel you should rotate the outer/inner boom before retracting the inner boom completely? False
The last step to storing your aerial lift for travel is to remove the ________ ________. Wheel chocks
You should retract the inner boom completely, rotate the outer/inner boom assembly until it is centered over the boom rest, lower the outer/inner boom assembly onto the boom rest in that order when storing your aerial lift? True
You must wear approved ____ _____ ______ which includes five-point safety harness, a deceleration lanyard and designated attachment device on the boom. Fall arrest system
A ________ ________ is a device that serves to dissipate a substantial amount of energy during a fall arrest, or otherwise limits the energy imposed on the technician during fall arrest? Deceleration Lanyard
Always try to position your aerial lift bucket so that the intended work is located between your _____ and shoulders to prevent or minimize overreaching. Waist
Overreaching by leaning out of the bucket past your ________, standing or sitting on the top edge, and using ladders, planks or other devices to elevate yourself while working in your bucket can all cause you to fall. Shoulders
Always lock the bucket ________ device when stopped or in the working position Leveling
Raise and lower tools and equipment using a ______ ______. Hand line
Created by: jkallen08
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