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A&P Chapt 18 & 19

Urinary & Acid base balance Quiz & Book questions

What is the filtration unit of the kidney? Nephron
Urination occurs when? The bladder contracts and the external urethral sphincter relaxes
What is NOT true about the kidney's? The kidney's lie anterior to the parietal peritoneum
Antidiuretic hormone (ADH) is released in response to what? An increase in both serum sodium and osmaolarity
Which condition results when the body eliminates more water than sodium? Dehydration
Which electrolyte imbalance would you expect to observe in a patient with chronic diarrhea? Hypokalemia
What is the fluid between cells inside tissue called? Interstitial fluid
What is NOT a key role in extracellular sodium? Blood clotting
What is the cluster of capillaries in the nephron called? Glomerulus
The _______ is the location where blood vessels, nerves, and the ureter enter & leave the kidney Hilum
What is the portion of the nephron in charge of making urine? Renal tubule
Where is most sodium reabsorbed from the glomerular filtrate? Proximal convoluted tubule
What substance should never be found in urine? Glucose
What does ADH cause? The distal convoluted tubule to reabsorbe more Na, which leads to water retention and rise in blood pressure
Many diuretics work by blocking tubular reabsorption of what? Sodium (Na)
In women, the ___________ is shorter than it is in men, which contributes to the higher incidence of UTI in women Urethra
Unrination occurs when? The bladder contracts and the external urethral sphincter relaxes
A triangular-shaped smooth area of the floor of the bladder is called what? Trigone
What statement about basal metabolic rate (BMR) is accurate? A person's size affects his BMR
Which hormone stimulates the appetite? Ghrelin
In the body, what stores the greates amounts of energy in the smalles amount of space? Fat
Nonessential amino acids are: Synthesized by the body
What statement about water-soluable vitamins is accurate? They are excreted by the kidney through urine and must be replaced daily
Sitting on the cold ground causes heat loss through what? Conduction
All ingested carbohydrates are first converted to what? Glucose
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