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Derm Labs


oval yeast, stains gram pos candida albicans
Acetowhitening: Condyloma acuminate
most important prognostic indicator in malig melanoma: Breslow level: depth of lesion measured in mm from top of clinical lesion to bottom
On a Tzanck smear, these are suggestive of virus: multinucleated giant cells
Wood’s light fluoroscopy Dermatophytes infections, Erythrasma (coral red)
Clark level: level of anatomic invasion in melanoma; esp important in areas w/thinner skin (eyelids, ears, genitals)
diascopy is used to see: vascular lesions
when doing a KOH prep always scrape the: border of the lesion
fluoresces white with wood's lamp vitiligo
fluoresces coral red with wood's lamp erythasma
clinical evaluation of chronic urticaria complete H&P, CBC, LFT's, TFT's, RFT's, ESR or CRP, bx in cases of vasculitis
lichen simplex chronicus dx studies KOH to r/o fungal; bx: hyperplasia & hyperkeratosis
lichen planus bx & immunofluorescence to confirm; Hep C screen (+ HCV often seen in lichen planus pts)
lichen planus tx topical steroids, occlusive dressings; cyclosporine for oral lesions; systemic tx for severe; poss PUVA tx
Hyperplastic prickles cells w/excess keratin = skin warts (HPV)
Wood’s light: Coral red = Erythrasma (2/2 Corynebacterium minutissimum)
KOH: Hyphae & buds, spaghetti & meatballs Fungus, Candida
HSV labs HSV viral cx, antigen detection tests, antibody titers
Created by: Abarnard
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