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IA DOT Pretrip Form B Inspection

ItemInspecting for:
Door & Mirror * Door securely mounted * Hinges not cracked, bent or missing * Opens and closes properly * Rubber seal in place * Mirror securely mounted to door
Fuel Tank * Securely mounted * Mounting strap and gasket in place * Vent fuel cap is on tight and gasket in place * Check tank, lines and cap for leaks
Catwalk & Steps * Securely mounted * Not cracked, bent or missing * No grease or oil on catwalk and steps
Lights & Reflectors(side) * All lights and reflectors are clean, securely mounted, not cracked, broken or missing, all work properly. * Amber on the sides and red in rear
Exhaust System * Securely mounted * No leaks * Nothing flammable touching the exhaust system * Flex pipe not cracked or rusted
Frame * Not cracked or bent * Flanges are not cut, drilled or welded * Everything attached to the frame is securely mounted
Drive Shaft * Securely mounted * Not cracked, bent or missing * U-joint on tight, properly greased and free of foreign objects
Shocks *Securely mounted, not cracked, bent or missing, not rusted, no fluid leaks, rubber bushing in place
Spring Mounts * Securely mounted, not cracked or bent
Air Bags * Securely mounted, not ripped or torn, no leaking air, not oil soaked
Air Bag Mounts * Securely mounted, not cracked or bent
U-Bolts * Securely mounted * Not cracked, bent or missing * All fasteners are secure and not missing
Torsion Bar *Securely mounted, not cracked, bent or missing, rubber bushing in place
Brake Hoses/Lines * Securely mounted * Not cracked, cut or bulging * Not leaking air
Brake Chamber * Securely mounted * Not cracked or rusted * Not leaking air * Ring clamp in place
Slack Adjustor & Push-rod * Securely mounted * Not cracked, bent or missing * Push-rod should have no more than 1 inch of travel
Drum & Lining * Securely mounted * Drum not cracked or warped * No petroleum on drum * Lining not cracked or broken
Drive Tires * Securely mounted * Has at least 2/32nd tread depth * No foreign objects in the tire * Tire not cut or bulging * Properly inflated to manufactures specifications - check using tire gauge * Valve stem not bent or missing and has a metal cap
Rims * Securely mounted * Not cracked, bent or welded * No rust trails
Lug Nuts * Not loose, rusted or missing * No cracks or wear around bolt holes
Hub Oil Seal * Securely mounted * Not cracked or leaking oil inside or outside * Sealed system and full of oil
Bud Spacing * Keeps wheels evenly spaced * No foreign objects in between wheels
Doors, Ties & Lift * No doors, ties or lifts on tractor
Splash Guards * Securely mounted * Not cracked, bent, or missing * Not ripped or torn * Not touching tires or ground
Lights & Reflectors(rear) * All lights and reflectors are clean, securely mounted, not cracked, broken or missing, all work properly. * Reverse light white, all others red.
Rear of Vehicle Light Check Procedure Turn on head lights and right turn signal - verify working properly including side lights. Turn on Left Turn Signal - verify working properly. Turn off lights and turn on 4-way flashers - verify working properly. Ask DOT to assist with brake light check
Created by: NADTA
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