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IA DOT Pretrip InCab Inspection

ItemInspecting For:
Safety Belt * Securely mounted * Properly latches * Not ripped, torn or frayed
Emergency Equipment * Fire Extinguisher is securely mounted and fully charged * 3 reflective triangles in passenger side-box * Spare fuses for all circuits that require fuses unless equipped with circuit breakers
Safe Start * Push clutch to the floor * Transmission in NEUTRAL * Turn key to "ON" position * Wait for gauges to cycle * Keep clutch pressed, turn over motor until it starts * Slowly release clutch once engine reaches idling speed
Temperature Gauge * Rises to operating range * Warning light is off
Oil Pressure Gauge * Rises to operating range * Warning light is off
Ampmeter / Voltmeter * Rises to operating range 12-14 volts * Warning light is off
Air Pressure Gauge * Rises to operating range (90-120 PSI) * Warning light is off
Lighting Indicators * Turn on and check the following * Right and left turn indicator * Low, high beam * Four-way/hazard indicators
Heater/ Defroster * All fans speeds work * Nothing blocks the air flow
Windshield/ Mirrors * Mirrors properly adjusted * ALL Glass is clean and has no cracks or damage * Nothing blocking driver's view
Windshield Wipers * Blades securely mounted. Not cracked, dry-rotted or missing. * Proper spring tension to hold to windshield * All speeds work * Windshield washer fluid full and operates properly
Parking Brake Check Tug Test for Tractor *Engine running, air to 90-120 PSI * Release the RED button (push in) * Put truck in 1st gear, gently ease clutch out - feel for resistance * Push clutch back in and reset RED button (pull out) *THAT WAS THE TEST FOR THE TRACTOR PARKING BRAKES
Parking Brake Check Tug Test for Trailer *Engine running, air to 90-120 PSI * Release the YELLOW button (push in) * Put truck in 1st gear, gently ease clutch out feel for resistance * Push clutch back in and reset YELLOW button (pull out) * THAT WAS THE TEST FOR THE TRAILER PARKING BRAKES
Service Brake/ABS * Put truck into 2nd or 3rd gear * At approximately 5 MPH, Apply service brake to stop vehicle * Verify that brakes work properly * Verify that vehicle does not pull to one side or the other * Verify ABS light is off
Air Brake Check (Leaks) * Turn key on (DO NOT START) - Have a minimum of 105 PSI * Release both brakes Y then R - Expect 10-15 PSI loss of air * Wait one minute, you should lose no more than a 3 PSI per min. * Apply service brakes. you should lose no more than 4 PSI per min
Air Brake Check (Alarm) * Leak Check Complete *Start fanning/pumping brakes until you reach about 60 PSI and which time your light and/or warning buzzer will come on.
Air Brake Check (Buttons) * Leak and Alarm Check Complete *Pumping the brakes until you reach approximately 20-40 PSI at which time the spring brakes will set.
Created by: NADTA
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