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surgical terms

Skin, hair, nails, suffix, prefix

abrasion scraping away the skin by mechanical process or injury
abscess localized collection of pus
acne inflammatory diseased of the skin
actinic keratosis precancerous skin condition of tissue that result from too much sunlight
albinism congenial hereditary condition characterized by partial or total lack of pigment in the skin hair and nails
basal cell carcinoma BBC epithelia tumor arising from the epidermis
candidiasis infection of the skin mouth also called thrush
carbuncle skin infection composed of a cluster of boils
cellulitis inflammation of the skin and subcutaneous tissue caused by infection
contusion injury with no break in the skin (bruise)
eczema noninfectious inflammatory skin disease characterized by redness, blisters, scabs and itching
fissure slit or cracklike sore in the skin
furuncle painful skin node caused by straphylococcal bacteria
gangrene death of tissue caused by loss of blood supply followed by bacterial invasion
herpes inflammatory skin disease caused by herpes virus
impetigo superficial skin infection characterized by pustules and caused by either staphylococci or streptococci
infection invasion of pathogens in body tissue
Kaposi sarcoma cancerous condition starting as purple or brown papules on the lower extremities that spread through the skin to the lymph nodes and internal organs can be seeing with AIDS
laceration torn, ragged-edged wound
lesion any visible changes in the tissue resulting from injury or disease
MRSA infection invasion of body tissue by methicillin resistant staphylococcus aureus
pedoculosis invasion into skin and hair by lice
pesoriasis chronic skin condition producing red lesions covered with silvery scales
rosacea chronic disorder of the skin that produces erythema, papules, pustules and broken blood vessels
scabies skin infection caused by the itch mite
scleroderma diseased characterized by chronic hardening
squamous cell carcinoma SqCCA malignant growth that develops from scale like epithelial tissue
systemic lupus erythematosus SLE chronic inflammatory disease involving skin joints kidneys and nervous system
tinea fungal infection of the skin (ringworm, athlete's foot)
urticaria itchy skin eruption composed of wheals (hives)
vitiligo white patches on the skin caused by the destruction of melanocytes associated with autoimmune disorders
biopsy bx view of life
dermatoautoplasty surgical repair using one's own skin
dermtoheteroplasty surgical repair using skin from others
dermatome instrument used to cut skin
dermatoplasty surgical repair of the skin
onychectomy excision of a nail
rhytidectomy excision of wrinkles
rhytidoplasty surgical repair of wrinkles
cauterization destruction of tissue with a hot or cold instrument
cryosurgery destruction of tissue by using extreme cold often by using liquid nitrogen
debridement removal of contaminated or dead tissue
dermabrasion procedure to remove skin scars with abrasive material
excision removal by cutting
incision surgical cut or wound produced by a sharp instrument
incision and drainage surgical cut made to allow the free flow or withdrawal of fluids
laser surgery procedure using an instrument that emits a high powered beam of light used to cut burn vaporize or destroy tissue
mohs surgery technique of microscopically controlled serial excisions of a skin cancer
suturing to stich edges of a wound surgically
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