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2R151 CDCs 1-2

What is the basis of the maintenance concept? The selection of a support system that promotes the highest possible weapons system and equipment availability and assures its sustainability at low life-cycle expense
What has driven maintenance concepts of the past? Driven by low mean-time between removal rates, high CND (cannot duplicate) rates, and expensive line replaceable units (LRU)
What must future maintenance concepts take advantage of? Latest technology, advanced mechanical design techniques and effective human factors engineering
What does minimizing requirements for off-equipment maintenance allow for? Maintenance performance closer to the weapons system or equipment and reduce the size of deployment packages.
What is the objective of the USAF equipment maintenance program? Is to ensure Air Force equipment is serviceable, safely operable, and available for sustained use in peace, war, and contingencies
What is the output product of maintenance? Mission-ready weapons systems and serviceable equipment
What must maintenance do to support wartime operational missions? Train constantly
In what area must maintenance personnel be proficient? Wartime skills
What are maintenance tasks? Are the physical actions, taken by maintenance personnel to keep equipment serviceable, safely operable, properly configured and available for use.
A test, repair, or removal action performed on the aircraft is categorized as what type of maintenance? On-equipment
What are the three levels of maintenance? Organizational, Intermediate, and Depot
What is the purpose of maintenance engineering? To improve the reliability and maintenance of the equipment already being maintained and to ensure optimum reliability and maintainability is designed into new equipment
What is the goal of maintenance management? The goal of maintenance management is to reduce or eliminate unit dependence on off-equipment repair
What does reliability-centered maintenance ensure? Ensures success of the basic safety and reliability levels for weapons systems and equipment at a minimum cost
How were aircraft delivered to the Air Force prior to the RCM program? Recommended maintenance program
After a maintenance program is established, based on RCM, what must be done? It must be continuously evaluate and update it to maintain maximum efficiency and provide minimum impact on operational readiness
Created by: Amandakay1787
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