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Nervous sys 2


Another name for Antipsychotics Neuroleptics or Major Tranquilizers
Schizophrenia Most common form of Psychosis-distrubance of neurotransmitters D too much, 5TH
define Delusions false belief that can't be persuaded to give up
Define Hallucinations seeing or hearing things that are not there
Neurosis abnormal behavior with NO loss of reality
Psychosis mental disorder there is loss with reality
Phenothiazines Main category used for Psychosis Extrapyramidal effects symptoms like parkinsons due to lack of D, stooped posture, shuffled gait.
drug used as antipsychotic and is a phenothiazine Chlorpromazine-Largactil
Non-Phenothiazines risperidone-risperdol, haloperidol-haldol, olanzpine-zyprexa, quetiapine-seroquel
anticonvulsant Epilepsy characterized by sudden surges of disorganzed electrical activity with may result in convulsions or loss of consciousness
absence/petit mal non-convulsive
tonic/clonic or grand mal convulsive
treatment petit mal old carbamazepine-tegretol, old clonazepam-rivotril, new lamotrigine-lamical
treatment grand mal old valproic acid-depakene, divalproex sodium-epival, phenytoin-dilantin
treatment grand mal newer gabapentin-neurontin, topiramate-topamax, viabatrin-sabril
parkinsons disease neurological disorder characterized by a lack of D leading to Ach dominating
treatment parkinsons disease Levodopa-L-dopa, levodopa/carbidopa-sinemet
a drug to treat wear off bromocriptine-Parlodel
antiviral drug amantadine-symmetrel
headache mild to moderate pain, has short duration, is diffused
migraine moderate to severe pain, last 4-72hrs, unilateral(one sided)
drug category to treat migraine sumatriptans sumatriptan-imitrex, naratriptan-amerge, zolmitriptan-zomig, rizatriptan-maxalt
ergot derivatives to treat migraine dihydroergotamine-cagergot, migranal
narcotics to treat migraine butorphanol-stadol, butalbital-fiorinal
ADD attention deficit disorder drug to treat methylphenidate-ritalin,concerta, dextroamphetamine-dexedrine
anorexients suppressing hunger and appetite
anorexient drugs for treatement phentermine-ionamin, diethylpropion-tenuate dospan
alzheimers dementia-progessive decline in congenative function Ach levels decrease
drugs to treat alzheimers donepezil-aricept, galantamine-reminly, rivastigmine-exelon
Created by: nemonemo