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Medical Terminology

angi(o)- blood or lymph vessels血液, 脉管,淋巴管
arthr(o) relating to a joint 关节
baro- relating to pressure重量,压力
carcin(o) relating to cancer
cardio/cardiac pertaining to the heart心脏
cut,cutane(o) skin
cyst- cyst,urinary bladder囊,胞, 膀胱
cyte,cyto cell or relating to the cells 细胞
derm(o)/dermat(o) skin
encephal(o) relating to the brain
enter(o) intestinal 肠的
esthesia sensation, feeling 感觉,知觉
gastr(o) stomach
hem/hema/hemat relating to blood
hepat(o) relating to the liver
glyc(o) relating to glucose 葡萄糖
mast pertaining to the breast
men/o menses,menstruation 月经
my(o) muscle
nephr(o) relating to the kidneys
neuro nerve, nervous system
osteo relating to bones
phago swallowing, eating,ingestion
photo light
pneo(pneic) breath, breathing
pneumo pertaining to air or lungs 跟气动及肺部相关
psych(o/e) relating to the mind or mental processes
rhin(o) pertaining to the nose
somn sleep
splen(o) pertaining to the spleen 脾脏
spondyl(o) pertaining to the vertebrae 椎骨
thorax(thoraco/thoracic) chest or chest wall
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