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Medical Terms

Hypertension High Blood Pressure
Oral Pertaining to Mouth
Encephal Brain
Cephal Head
Appendectomy Removal of appendix
Hysteroophorsalpingectomy Removal of uterus, ovarians, fallopin tubes
Pericardium Covering of heart
Leukemia White adnormal of blood
Osteoarthritis Bone joint inflammation
Chemotherapy Chemical treatment
Bradycardi Slow heart rate
Ligament Tissue that binds bones
angioplasty vessel or reshaping
Subcutaneous Below Skin
Erythrcyt Red cell
Hepatitis Liver Inflammation
Hydrophilic Water loving
Hypocalcemia Low calcium blood level
Thrombosis Condition of abnormal clotting
Exophthalmas Protruding eyes
Dysplasia Growth disorder
Dematologist Skin Specialist
Giantism Condition of Giantic size
Lipoma Fatty tumor
Antibody Unit that resists foreign substances
Anuria Absence of Urination
Varicose Veins Enlarged Veins
Reflux Back flow
Hematology Study of blood
Congential Born with
Pediatric Pertaining to treatment of children
Condition code 22 (Patient on Multiple Drug Regimen) is and example of which group of condition codes: Patient condition codes
True or False: A rejected claim is returned by the payer to the provider for revision and re submission: True
True or False: FL is the abbreviation for form locator. True
True or False: The Principal Diagnosis determines the major diagnostic category. True
Physicians must submit electronic 837P Claims for Medicare Part B Unless: They have less than 10 full-time or equivalent employees and never send any kind of electronic health care transaction.
True or False: EIN is the Abbreviation for employer Identification Number: True
True or False: A clean claim meets all of the payer's specifications and passes all data edits: True
Which of the following is not used to assign a diagnosis-related group (DRG): Lab Tests
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