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A&P Chapter 16

Lymphatic & Immune System Q&A from book & quiz

What are the key functions of the lymphatic system? Immunity, absorption of fats, and the maintenance of fluid balance
What forms the basis of the lymphatic fluid? Tissue fluid left behind following capillary exchange
In which lymphatic organ do T cells mature? Thymus
Which statement most correctly describes the main function of lymph nodes? The removal of pathogens and foreign material from lymphatic fluid
Which important white blood cells travel throughout the bloodstream seeking out bacteria? Neutrophils
A tetanus shot creates what type of immunity? Artifical active immunity
How does the spleen contribute to immunity? It screens passing blood for foreign antigens
A substance capable of causing disease is what? An antigen
Which type of immunity uses T cells to destroy pathogens within a cell? Cellular immunity
Humoral immunity triggers the production of ______________ to fight pathogens? Antibodies
If you get bitten by a stray dog and receive a rabies serum, what type of immunity is it? Artifical passive immunity
When you receive a immunization, what type of immunity is it? Artifical active immunity
When you delvelop and immunity after having a disease, what type of immunity is it? Natural active immunity
When a mother passes immunity to newborn, what type of immunity is it? Natural passive immunity
Antibodies use the following tactics except for? Attracting neutrophils, natural killer cells, and macrophages
Fever helps fight antigens because the elevated body temperature..... Inhibits the reproduction of bacteria and viruses
A key difference between cellular and humoral immunity is...... Cellular immunity destroys pathogens inside the cell, whereas humoral immunity destroys pathogens outside the cell
Where is the spleen located? Upper left quadrant of the abdomen
The most abundant immunoglobulin is ....... IgG
The mucous membranes of the respiratory tract repel pathogens because they ..... Produce mucus, which traps pathogens
What is not a sign of inflammation? Pus
A patient comes in to the hospital after losing a large amount of blood, which function of the spleen is most important in this situation? The spleens role in blood storage
The first line of defense is . .. Skin and mucous membranes
The second line of defense is .... Mechanisms present at birth
The third line of defense is ..... Body retains memory of a pathogen after defeating it
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