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RBSG Physical Fitnes

FM 7-22

When you take the APFT, what is the minimum number of points you must score in each event? 60
What FM covers Physical Fitness Training? FM 7-22
What are the three phases of physical conditioning? 1. Preparatory 2. Conditioning 3. Maintenance
About how long is the preparatory phase? 2 weeks
About how long is the conditioning phase? The conditioning phase ends when a soldier is physically mission-capable and all personal,strength-related goals and unit-fitness goals have been met.
What is a MFT? Master Fitness Trainer (MFT)is a soldier who has completed the four-week Military Academy’s MFT course. Know about all aspects of physical fitness. Design individual unit program.
What does FITT stand for? Frequency,Intensity, Time, and Type
What is Da Form 3349? Physical profile form
What is the objective of physical fitness training? To enhance soldiers’ abilities to meet the physical demands of war.
What are the three periods of a normal daily exercise routine? 1. Warm-up 2. Conditioning 3. Cool-down
What are the commands to get a unit from a normal line formation into an extended rectangular formation? Extend to the left, march Arms downward, move Left, Face Extend to the left, march Arms downward, move Right, face From front to rear, count off Even numbers to the left, uncover
Soldiers 55 years of age or older have the option of taking the 3 event APFT or what? The alternate APFT. An alternate APFT is defined as push–ups, sit–ups and an alternate aerobic event (2.5–mile walk, 800–yard swim, or 6.2–mile bicycle ride).
What are the seven basic principles of exercise? Regularity Progression Overload Balance Specificity Variety Recovery
What are the three phases of fitness conditioning? Preparatory Conditioning Maintenance
What are the five components of physical fitness? Cardio Respiratory Endurance Muscular Strength Muscular Endurance Flexibility Body Composition
How many scorers should be supplied for the APFT? A minimum of 1 per every 15 soldiers
What is the DA form 705? Physical Readiness Test Scorecard
Fitness tasks provide the framework for accomplishing all training requirements. The essential elements of fitness tasks can be cataloged into what four groups? Collective Tasks Individual Tasks Leader Tasks Resources required for training
Name the two physical fitness formations? Extended Rectangular Circular
Created by: james_w85
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