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RSG 2-503 Hx

2-503 Unit History

2/503d Regiment established? 24 Feb 1942
Who was the first commanding officer of the 2/503d Regiment? Maj. Gen. William Miley
First BN commander of the 2/503d? LTC Edson Raff
Date of first combat jump in US history? 8 Nov 1942
When did 300 paratroopers jump into Tunisia - Algeria border? 15 Nov 1942
How many years of service in the Southwest Pacific Theater did the 503rd serve? More than 3.
How many combat operations in the SW Pacific Theater? Five
Date of operation ALAMO? 5 Sep 1943
Location of OP ALAMO? Markham River Valley, New Guinea
First Airborne OP conducted by US forces in Pacific Theater? Operation ALAMO
Date of OP CYCLONE? July 1944
Location of OP CYCLONE? Noemfoor, New Guinea
MOH recipient in Noemfoor? SGT Ray Eubanks
Date of OP TOPSIDE? Mid Dec 1944
Location of OP TOPSIDE? Philippine island of Corregidor
Nickname of Philippine island fortress Corregidor? The Rock
Date of assault on Corregidor? 16 Feb 1945
Approximate number of Japenese casualties during operation at Corregidor? 6,550
MOH recepiant for actions taken at Corregidor? PVT Lloyd MCCarter
503d Regiment inactivation date? 24 Dec 1945
503d Regiment re-activation date? 2 Mar 1951
Location and date of 173rd Airborne Brigade activation? Okinawa, Japan on 26 Mar 1963
The term 'Sky Soldier was coined by whom? The Nationalist Chinese paratroopers
Who and when was the first unit committed to Vietnam? The 173rd ABCT on 5 May 1965
Who was the first unit to go into War Zone D? 2-503d
Where did the 2-503 conduct its major combat jump in Vietnam? Tay Ninh
The capture of what culminated the fighting at Dak To? The capture of Hill 875
When and where did OP JUNCTION CITY occur? 22 Feb 1967 on War Zone C
Who conducted the only major US Airborne operation during the Vietnam WAr? 2-503d
What was the mission of OP JUNCTION CITY? To form a blocking position near Kantum, South Vietnam
When was OP JUNCTION CITY terminated? 14 May 1967
Number of MOH recipients from the 173rd in Vietnam? 10
Amount of Purple Hearts from the 173rd in Vietnam? Over 6,000
Over how many casualties died in Vietnam from the 173rd? 1,700
When was the 173rd deactivated? 14 Jan 1972
When and where was the 173rd re-activated? 25 Jan 2002 at Vicenza, Italy.
When and where was the combat jump OP NORTHERN DELAY? 26 Mar 2003 at Bashur Airfield, Iraq
Muhammad Tali was killed by whom and what award did he receive? SPC Sal Giunta awarded the MOH
When was the battle of Wanat? 13 July 2008
Who was awarded the MOH at the battle of Wanat? SSG Ryan Pitts
Operation name and date of first US combat jump? OPERATION TORCH on 8 Nov 1942
When and where was OPERATION TORCH 2 conducted? 15 Nov 42 in Tunisian / Algerian border, Africa
Chinese term for Sky Soldiers? Tien Bien
Name of only combat jump operation in Vietnam? OPERATION JUNCTION CITY
When and where was OP RAPID GUARDIAN? 25 Jan 2002 into Kosovo
Name the 3 MOH awards from OEF SSG Giunta, SPC White, SSG Pitts
Created by: james_w85
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