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2/503 Study Guide Policy Letters

Rock Vision We are the Rock. We build and lead teams. Our paratroopers are disciplined and lethal. Our Leaders are empowered and innovative. Our squads and platoons are the best in the Army - brilliant at the basics.
Policy Letter #1 Rock Standards and Discipline
Policy Letter #2 Leadership
Policy Letter #3 Brilliant at the Basics
Policy Letter #4 Guidance to Implement BN Targeting Cycle
Policy Letter #7 Live Fire Exercise
Policy Letter #8 Airborne Operations
Rock Uniform 1 Garrison Duty Uniform - OCP; beret; tan t-shirt, belt; ID card, ID tags, pen, paper, colored flag
Rock Uniform 2 RU1 + weapon w/ sensitive items secured, patrol cap, APEL eye pro,
Rock Uniform 3 RU2 + ACH, pc in pocket, FLC, subdued flag in pocket, knee pads, 2 qt water
Rock Uniform 4 RU3 + IOTV
Face Paint Dark on high areas, light low areas. No unauthorized patters. ie Tiger Stripes
Airborne Uniform (Manifest) PC, OCP, colored flag, ID card, ID tags, ACH, gloves, knee pads, all jumping equipment rigged
Airborne Packing List FLC 7 mags, eye pro, gloves, knee pads, MRE, water source, 1 pr socks, tan t, cold weather gear, gortex top/bottom
Alcohol in barracks amount 24 pack beer, 30oz liquor, 72oz wine
Corrective Training Must match the offense and reflect in their counselings
Operation Framework Master the basics - Lethality, Med Proficiency, Physical Toughness
Frequency of RIGEX Conjuction of tactical road march once every two weeks
Created by: james_w85
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