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spenoid bone lies at the base of skull, anterior to temporal bone,forms part of eye socket
circumduction combo of angular movements
rotation twisting of a bone on axis
green stick fracture one side of bone is broken other side bent
impacted fracture broken ends of the bone are jammed into eachother
comminuted fracture more than one fracture line,and bones splintered or crushed
transverse fracture fracture goes straight across bone
oblique fracture break occurs at an angle across bone
largest and most recognizable fontanel anterior fontanel
frontal bone forehead,anterior of skull roof,eye orbit
parietal bone forms top and side walls of cranium
temporal bone forms part of the sides and some of the skull
ethmoid between the eyes,medial wall of the eye orbit,small portion of the cranial floor,most of the nasal cavity roof
2 bones that contain a malleolus tibia & Fibula
another name for osteitis deformans paget disease
osteomyelitis inflamation of bone caused by pyogenic bacteria
lordosis swayback
scoliosis lateral curvature of the vertebral column
suture uniting the bones of the skull, flat immovable joint
common name for zygomatic bone cheek bone
synarthrosis immovable
amphiarthrosis slightley moveable
diarthrosis freely movable
septic arthritis bacteria spreads to involve joint useally in way of blood stream
gout caused by a disturbance of metabolism,uric acid forms crystals that are deposited as masses around joints
diaphysis long,narrow shaft at the end of long bone
epiphysis irregular ends of a long bone,proximal and distal
haversian canal contains nerves,blood vessels
where is spongy bone found (epiphyses)ends of long bones and center of other bones
periosteum membrain of the outside of the bone
endosteum membrain the lines the marrow cavity of a bone,contains cells that aid in the growth and repair of bone tissue
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