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Weimar/Nazi Germany

Weimar Republic 'Golden Years' # 1 GCSE History Ormerod

Name of ActionDescription
Reichsmark 1924 - Rentenmark converted into the Reichsmark in 1923 - The Reichsmark's value is linked to gold
Dawes Plan 1924 - Reparation payments reduced and linked to Germany's capacity to pay - Negotiated between Germany and the USA with the support of Britain and France - Included a USA loan of 800 million gold marks - In return French troops withdrew from the Ruhr
Locarno Treaty 1925 - Treaties guaranteed Germany's frontiers with France, Belgium and Italy
League of Nations 1926 - Germany given a permanent seat on the League's council alongside France and Britain
Kellogg-Briand Pact 1928 - Signed along with 64 other nations - agreed they would keep their armies for self-defence only - would solve all future disputes by peaceful means
Young Plan 1929 - negotiated a further change to the payment of reparations - timescale = over the next 50 years until 1988 - responsibility for repayments given to Germany instead of the Allies - In return the French agreed to evacuate the Rhineland by 1930.
Created by: lesleycollins