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Module 4

A&P 2 -- FINAL Review (Ch. 12, 14, 16, 17, 18)

Sclera White portion of the eye
Iris Color portion of the eye
Pupil Controls amount of light for the eye
Conjunctiva Mucus membrane
Cornea Transparent, protective layer over the eye
Lens Focuses the image clearly on the retina
Suspensory ligaments Hold the lens in place
Retina Converts light rays into impulses that travel to the optic nerve
Cones Responsible to central vision and ability to see colors
Rods Responsible to peripheral vision and dim vision
Optic nerve Sends impulses to the brain
5 functions of the skin Absorption, Temp control, Protection, Sensory, Elimination (sweat)
3 layers of the skin Epidermis, Dermis, Subcutaneous
Epidermis Top layer, contains no blood vessels
Dermis Middle layer, contains blood vessels
Subcutaneous Deeper layer, contains adipose tissue, blood vessels and glands
3 parts of hair Shaft, Root, Follicle
Shaft Part of hair that you see
Root Part of hair inside the follicle
Follicle Produces hair
Lanugo Peach fuzz that is present on babies until they reach 5-6 months
Tinea Ringworm
Tinea pedia Athlete's foot
Tinea cruris Jock itch
Tinea capitis Ringworm of the scalp
Tinea corporis Ringworm of the body
UNG Ointment
Onychomycosis Fungal infection of the nail
Onychophagia Nail biting
Dermatitis Inflammation of the skin
Cellulitis Acute infection of the skin
Lice Little bastards found in hair
Scabies Mites found on the body
Mastication Chewing
Deglutition Swallowing
Defecation Elimination (pooping)
Bolus Ball-like mass mixed with saliva
Gall Bladder Stores and concentrates bile
Liver Produces bile
Pancreas Produces insulin
4 functions of the digestive system Ingestion, Digestion, Absorption, Elimination
Digestion begins in the Mouth
Digestion ends in the Anus
Chyme Liquid mix of partially digested food
Primary organs of the male reproductive system Testicles (produce sperm and secrete testosterone); Scrotum (houses testes and provides climate control)
Seminiferous tubules Sperm is produced here
Epididymis Houses mature sperm cells
Vas deferens Pathway for sperm to travel to the penis for ejaculation
Seminal vesicles Provide fructose for energy and aid in transportation of sperm
Ejaculatory ducts Point at which seminal vesicle and vas deferens merge and empty into urethra
Prostate gland Source of nourishment and motility (spontaneous movement)
Cowper's gland (bulbourethral) Provides lubrication for intercourse as well additional fluid for sperm transportation
Urethra Extends down the length of the penis to expel urine or semen
Penis Shaft connected to abdomen and extends down to glans penis (tip)
Prepuce Foreskin
Flaccid Weakened, lack of muscle
Balanitis Inflammation of the glans penis
Orchitis inflammation of the testicles
Circumcision Surgical removal for prepuce/foreskin
Smegma Waxy, odorless substance that keeps the tip of the penis soft
Sterilization Inability to reproduce
Coitus Union of 2 people of the opposite sex; copulation
Gonad Sex organs: Male -- testes; Female -- Ovaries
Gametes Sex cells: Male -- sperm; Female -- ova
Vagina Muscular tube of the female reproductive system
Uterus Pear-shaped hollow organ of the female reproductive system; Womb
Bartholin's gland Keeps nipples soft during and after pregnancy
Perineum Space between vaginal orifice and anus
Episiotomy Surgical incision of the perineum to allow for easier passage of baby's head during delivery
Graafian follicle Shoots out ova
Fimbriae Finger-like projections that draw the ova into the fallopian tubes
Chadwick's sign Blueish-gray hue to vagina and cervix
Goodell's sign Softening of the cervix and vagina
Hagar's sign Softening of the lower potion of the uterus
Naegel's Rule Formula used to estimate delivery date (based on last period)
Tubal ligation Cutting and tying off of the fallopian tubes to prevent future pregnancy
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