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MG Information

prefix and suffix

homo means same
hetero means different
aniso unequal size, iso
hypo hyper
syn and sym together or joined
syn fixed or joined
sym suffering (medical) or feeling (standard)
super and supra above or beyound
a and an without or lack of
epi means upon or over
extra means outside or beyound, in addition to
infra means below or under
sub means under or below
meta beyound, after, occurring later in a series
bi means both or two
ultra means beyound or in excess
anti means against
contra means against
trans means across or over
in means into
mal means bad
uni means one
bi means two
tri means three
furco means branching or dividing
multi means many
semi means half
hemi means half
con means with
dis means to free of, to separate, or to undo
dys means difficult or painful
post means behind or after
ante means before or forward
pre means before or in front of
a.m. means ante-meridiem before noon
p.m. means post meridiem after noon
inter means between
intra means within
estasia or ectasis means dilation or expansion
melan/o means black
myc/o means mushroom or fungus
pneum/o means lung
a/pnea absence of breathing
dys/pnea difficult breathing
tach/pnea rapid breathing
brady/pnea slow breathing
ortho/pnea able to breathe only when sitting up or standing
hem/o/pty/sis expectorating (coughing up) blood
hyper/ventil/ation excessive movement of air in and out of lungs, sighing respirations
hyp/oxia low oxygen levels in organs and tissues
cyan/osis bluish color due to hypoxia
pne/o combining form for breathing or breath
ortho means straight
hemo means blood
ptyal means saliva or sputum
hem/o/pyt/sis condition of bloody sputum
ptyal/o/rrhea means flow of saliva
naso means nasal cavity
ment/o means chin
epi means upon
staxis means dripping or oozing
epi/staxis means nosebleed or hemorrahage from the nose
plegia paralysis
ad means toward
sinistr/o left
sinistr/ad means toward the left
dextr/o means right
dextr/ad means toward the right
iatrist and iatric medical professionals or physicians
chir/o means hands
ger/i means old age
nyct/o means night
aden/o means gland
cardi/o means heart
cheil/o lips
dactyl/o digits
dent/o teeth
serm/o skin
gastr/o stomach
gloss/o tongue
onych/o nails
ophthalm/o eyes
ot/o ears
phag/o eat
pneumon/o lung
proct/o anus and rectum
urethro urethra
-ia (suffix) means condition
-statis stopping or controlling
schizo and schisto and schisis split, cleft, or fissure
carp/o wrist
meta beyound
tars/o tarsal bones in the ankle
humer/o bone of the upper arm
femor/o thigh, longest bone in the body
tibia shin bone
ileum part of small intestine of the digestive system
ili/o pelvic bone
ischi/o part of the hip bone known as ischium
cost/o ribs
xiph/o sternum
rachi/o spine
spondyl/o spine
lamin/o thin, flat sheet, plate, or membrane
myel/o/gram spinal x-ray
ophthaml/o eye
ocular eye
opt/o vision
-opia suffix denoting a vison condition
cyanopia defect in vision causes objects to appear blue
xanthopia yellow vision
chloropia green vision
erythropia red vision
diplo double
-opia vision
ambi both or both sides
dipl and diplo double
-opter visible
exo outward
eso toward
hypo downward
hyper upward
phac/o crystalline lens of the eye
-cele herniation or dislocation
ir/o and irid/o iris
core/o pupil
kerat cornea
cycl/o ciliary body
lacrimal tears
lacrimation tearing
onych nails
trich/o hair
par/onch/ia conditon of infection of tissues around the nail
phag/o eat or swallow
phagia condition of eating or swallowing
endo inside
oophor/o ovary
testic, orchid/o, orchi/o testis
-emia condition of the blood or in the blood
-emia in the blood
hemat/o combing form used as a prefix meaning blood
traumatology study of caring for wounds
traumatic pertaining to wounds or woundedness
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