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Module 4

A&P 2 -- Chapter 16 Male Rep. System Test

2 Primary organs of the male reproductive system Testicles and Scrotum
Testicles (testes) Produce sperm and secrete testosterone
Scrotum External sac that houses the testicles and acts as climate control
Gametes Sex cells (males -- sperm; females -- ova)
Gonads Sex glands (males -- testicles; females -- ovaries)
Semen The end product of combined secretions from seminal vesicle, prostate and Cowper's glands and ducts of the male reproductive system
Journey of the Sperm (9 points) 1. Seminiferous tubules 2. Epididymus 3. Vas Deferans 4. Seminal Vesicle 5. Ejaculation duct 6. Prostate gland 7. Cowper's gland (aka bulbourethral gland) 8. Urethra 9. Penis
Seminiferous tubules Specialized coils of tiny tubules responsible for production of sperm
Epididymus Tightly coiled tubule that stores sperm until mature, in preparation for ejaculation
Vas deferans Narrow, straight tubes that transports sperm from the epididymus to the pelvic cavity just behind the bladder
Seminal vesicle Pair of small sac-like pouches that attach the vas deferans near the base of the bladder. Secretes and produces fructose that provides source of energy to help move sperm
Ejaculatory duct Created when seminal vesicle duct merges with vas deferans and empties into the urethra
Prostate gland Walnut-shaped, located below urinary bladder infront of rectum; contributes add'l fluid to ejaculate which helps with motility and nourishment for sperm
Cowper's/bulbourethra gland Pea-sized structures located on sides of the urethra below the prostate gland, produce clear fluid that serves as lubricant for intercourse
Urethra Extends down the length of penis, opens at urinary meatus of the glans penis, carries/empties urine from bladder, carries/expels semen, flow of urine is blocked from urethra, allowing only semen to be ejaculated
Penis Contains urethra, attaches to the wall of the abdomen, the body/shaft and the glans
Foreskin (prepuce) Loose, retractablle fold of skin that covers the tip of the penis
Circumcision Surgical removal of prepuce
Smegma Waxy, odorless substance secreted by small gland in the foreskin
Vasectomy Surgical procedure performed on the vas deferans to prevent ejaculation of sperm. Book also calls this sterilization
Sterilization Cannot reproduce
Flacid Weak, lack of muscle tone
Epispadias Urethra opens on the upper side of the penis
Hypospadias Urethra opens on the lower side of the penis
Hydrocele Build up of fluid in scrotum
Impotence Inability to get or sustain an erection
Phimosis Tightness of prepuce/foreskin
Balanitis Inflammation of the glans penis
Orchitis Inflammation of the testicles
Anorchism Absence of one or both testicles
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