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chapter 21

knife cuts

Allumette strips 2 1/3" cube
Brunoise 1/8" cube
Fine Brunoise 1/16" cube
Julienne cut into matchstick size1/4" by 1/4" by 2"
Fine Julienne 1/16" by 1/16" by 2"
Diagonal cut to cut fruit or vegetable lengthwise to slice each half angel to create a larger surface
chopping cutting into irregular shaped pieces with a chef knife or food chopper
Dicing cutting into cubes 1/2" by 1/2" or 1/4" by 1/4"
mincing finely cutting into 1/8" cube
chiffonade to finely slice or shred leafy vegetables and herbs
Rondelle cylinder shaped fruit
Roll or Oblique cut done by first cutting a cylindander fruit or vegetable as a diagonal cut rolling the fruit or vegetable by 18 degrees and then by doing another diagonal cut
Peeling to remove the outer covering or fruit vegetable or shrimp
small dice cube 1/4"
medium cube cube 1/2"
large cube cube 3/4"
tourne a root vegetable cut into a oblong seven sided vegetable, to help cook evenly
Batonnet strips cut 2 1/2" by 3"
Diamond four straight sides forming two acute angels and two opposite obtuse angels.
paring knifes small knife used for peeling fruits and vegetables
pomme frietes French fries.
slandered vegetable cuts Diced, julienne, bruoise, chiffonade chopped and minced
uniformity when all the cuts look and cook the same.
Bias cutting into thirds , then lengthwise 1/4" cutting evenly and a slant.
lozenge a rombas or diamond shape 1/2" by 1/2" by 1/8"
Paysane country style, rougher more informal
shredding to cut or tear into long narrow strips
swivel bladed peeler slotted metal blade attached to handle to peal vegetables
apple peeler a tool used to the outer skin of a apple from the flesh and remove the core.
pommes pont neuf thick cut fries
fluting pinching the edge of crust.
Madeline cooking utensil used for slicing and cutting
parisienne tool used to scoop and pearl vegetables and fruits.
waffle cut cut a vegetable to look like a waffle
box grater four flat graters
Gaufrette thin fan shapped French wafer often served along side desert
melon Baller like the parsiene scoop, makes the melons into pearls
ripple cutter cutting the vegetables so to have a crinkle cut
fanning leaving the stem end in tact making a series of parallel lengthwise slices and spread the fruit or vegetable into a fan shape
Japanese turner like the spider, used to flip fried foods.
Safety Guard a space of plastic to protect from harm
turner a long spatula used to flip foods on a grill.
Acidulated water where acid, lemon, lime or vinegar is added to water to prevent browning
Browning when fresh cut fruits and vegetables are exposed to oxygen and brown
Blanching submerging in boiling water for thirty minuets then fresh ice water
weeping when the vegetables start to ooze
mashing to pulverize the fruit or vegetable
filleting to remove the bone from the fish's body
concasse to crush or grind
milking a way of harvesting juices
concentration pulp
pulp a soft wet shapeless mass
pulping removing the pulp
toasting to cook or brown by exposing to a grill or fire
long-term storage is where foods with a long term perishability is kept
Perishability foods that can go bad
preserve a way to increase perishability
rehydration restoring lost water
consistency is ensuring the cuts are uniform
logical flow is if your flow is with mise en place
proper timing needs consistency, logical flow, and speed
apple peeler a tool used to trim the outer skin of a apple from the flesh also the core
fluting to pinch the edge of a crust
mandoline a cooking utensil used for slicing and cutting
parsienne a tool that is used to scooping balls of fruit or vegetables can range from 1 to 3 cm
waffle cut used to cut vegetables into a waffle shape
box grater four flat graters
gaufrette a thin fan shapped French wafer often served alongside desert
melon baller like the parsienne scoop , scoops melon's into pearl shapes. also to take the seeds out.
ripple cutter cutting a vegetable so it has a ripple, or crinkle cut
fanning leaving the stem end in tact, make a series of parallel lengthwise slices and spread the fruit or vegetable into a fan shape.
Japanese turner spiderlike tool, used to flip and retrieve food from the fryer
safety guard to prevent injury
Tourner a long metal spatula used to flip foods from a flattop grill.
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