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GRST 211

ALG- means pain
CARD- means heart
EXTRA- means outside of
-IOUS means pertaining to
coccyx plural is coccyges
internarial definition pertaining to between the nostrils
enterocolitis definition inflammation of colon and small intestine
helix plural is helices
perspiration broken down P B S
pertaining to after the ankle metatarsal
instrument to examine the eyes ophthalmoscope
myeloblast immature cell of bone marrow
carpus plural is carpi
hepatorrhexis rupture of the liver
anteorbital broken down P B S
anastomosis broken down P B S
carcinoma plural is carcinomata
pararectal base RECT
soma plural somata
achromatic base chromat
eucholia condition of normal bile
scapulodynia broken down B B S
sarcoma plural sarcomata
how to build 'cavity (containing) blood' HEM-O-COEL
conchoscope broken down B-CV-S
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