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Chapter 7

The Skeleton

the skeletal system is composed of: bones, cartilages and joints
the axial skeleton has __ bones 80
3 major regions in axial skeleton are: skull, verterbral column, thoraic cage
the axial skeleton protects the: brain, spinal cord and organs in thoraic cavity
which part of the skeleton supports the neck, head & trunk? axial
the skull is formed by what 2 bones? cranial and facial bones
anterior, middle and posterior cranial fossae is the : cranial base
what are the bones of the cranium? temporal, occipital, sphenoid, ethmoid, parietal and frontal
what mucous covered membrane is what causes "sinus headaches" frontal sinus
how many bones comprise the skull? 22
the squamous, tympanic, mastoid and petrous are apart of which skull bone? temporal
what serves as a "seat" of the endocrine system supporting a pituitary gland? sella turcica
the scientific name for the cheekbone is: zygomatic bone
what is the only bone that does not articulate with any other bone in the body? hyoid bone
what's the purpose of the external acoustic meatus? to transmit sound to the eardrum
how many bones form the adult vertrerbal column? 26
primary functions of the vertebral column: protection of spinal cord & transmission of weight from trunk to lower limbs
the ___ is the only group that articulates with the ribs thoraic
the ___ is the most frequently fractured part of the humerus surgical neck
the "funny bone" of the elbow is apart of which part of the humerus? medial epicondyle
the hip bone has __ separate bones 3
the bone of the leg that bears no weight is the: fibula
primary curvatures are developed: @ birth
which bone articulates with 1st verterbra? occipital bone
this bone is the site of attachment for many neck & back muscles occipital bone
which bone is considered a keystone bone and why? sphenoid - articulates with all other cranial bones
3 processes of the sphenoid bone? greater wings, lesser wings, and pterygoid process
what is the deepest skull bone? ethmoid
tiny, irregularly shaped bones that appear within sutures are called: sutural bone
which suture is between the parietal and frontal bone? coronal suture
the sagittal suture connects what 2 bones? right & left parietal bones
the ___ suture is between the parietal and occipital bone? lamboid
the squamous suture is between __ and ___ parietal and temporal
what is the only moveable joint in the skull? mandible
what is the largest paranasal sinuses? maxillary
this bone forms the bridge of the nose nasal bone
this bone is the medial wall of orbits? lacrimal bone
the maxillary bone is a keystone bone b.c it articulates with all other facial bones except the__ mandible
what is the inferior part of nasal septum? vomer
largest of nasal conchae? inferior nasal conchae
the nasal cavity is formed by which 4 bones? ethmoid, palatine bones, maxillary bones and inferior nasal conchae
what bone anchors the tongue? hyoid bone
the largest bone in the body is the: femur
how many ribs do we have? 12
ribs 1-7 are known as the: true ribs
ribs 8-12 are known as the: false ribs
ribs 11-12 are known as the: floating ribs
3 bones of the coxal bone? ilium, ischium & pubis
what are carpals and how many do we have? wrist bones - 8
how many metacarpals do we have? 5
how many verterbae in the cervical curvature? 7
how many vertebrae are in the thoraic curvature? 12
the lumbar curvature houses how many verterbrae? 5
the coccyx has __ fused verterbae 4
the sacral curvature has how many fused verterbrae? 5
scolisis is known as the ___ disease common in ___ twisted - late childhood
lordosis is aka swayback - common when pregnant
kyphosis is known as: hunchback
the clavicle and scapulae are apart of the: pelvic girdle
which bone helps with forming the knee and joints? tibia
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