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Digest and Resp sys

chapter 6 and 7 digestive system and respiratory system

The space between the lungs diaphram
ability of the ovula to contract emphysema
inflamation of the lungs bronchitis/pneumonia
assocated with asprin Rye
to determine the postion nad size percussion
nose bleed epistaxis
hearing abnormal sounds rales
hearing or sounds ausultation
evalute the lungs pulmonary function studies
is within the nasopharynx..... adeniods
gastr/o stomach
or/o or stomat/o mouth
enter/o intestine
-prandial meal
-pepsia digestion
odont/o teeth
-osmia smell
brady slow
sept/o septum
-ptysis system
ox/o or ox/i oxgyen
tachy fast or rapid
peri- around
dent/o teeth
col/o or colon/o colon
ile/o ileum
-iasis abnormal condition
stomat/o mothh
orth/o straight
spir/o breathe
pulmon/o lung
dys difficult
phren/o diaphragm
hepat/o liver
cheil/o lip
labi/o lip
-phagia swallow or eating
dia- through or across
bucc/o cheek
nas/o nose
alveol/o alvelous
cyan/o blue
-eu good or normal
phonia voice
coni/o dust
gingiv/o gums
rect/o recum
chol/e bile or gall
jejun/o jejum
gloss tounge
-emesis vomit
atel/o incomplete, imperfect
-pnea breathing
pneum/o air or lung
throax chest
bronchi/o bronchus
suffix that means spitting -ptysis
combing form for incomplete atel/o
rugae anatomical folds in the lining of the stomach
where is the bile produced in the gallbladder
perforated ucler may lead to.... chron's diease
gastroscopy is performed with.... gastroscope
combing form for bile duct is.... choeldoch/o
structure lying beneath the hard enamel of a tooth dentin
bad breath halitosis
section of the large intestin assocated with the appendix is the.. cecum
section of the large intestin assocated with the spleen is the splenic flexure
IBS is also know for... spastic colon
telescoping of intestine within itself... intussuseption
downard displacement of internal organs viseroptosis
portusion of an organ through the wall contains hernia
life-threathing obstruction in which the bowel twist volvulus
deglution act of swallowing
structure that has both repiratory and digestive function pharynx
projection of the intestinal wall villi
accessory organ of digestion liver
loss of appetite anorexia
voice box larynx
black sterry stool melana
mucosal folds in the stomach wall rugae
visual examanation of the rectum and anal sigmoidoscopy
wave like motion that occursin hollow tubes peristalsis
herriaty disirder systic fibrosis
Bio is produced in the liver
known as taste buds papillae
pharynx throat
v-shape structure
one tube that leads to the stomach is esophagus
churning in the stomach turns bolus into a semiliquid is chyme
liver does what... produce bile and remove sugar and store vitamins
branch of medicine with digestive dieases gastroenterology
physican who speicalizes in digestive disorders is gastroenterologist
protrusion of any organ or tissue is hernia
telescopying of the intestine within itself intussusception
backward following regurgitation
all material in the cell membrne cytoplasm
an inflammatory lesion granuloma
moist tissue layer lining hollow organs mucosa
nostril naris
wall deviding two cavities
secretions peoduced in the lungs and brochi that are expelled sptum
lipoprotein that decrease the surface tention of alveoil surfactant
3 disorders is COPD is asthma/ chronic brochitis and emphysema
medical studies of respiratory system pulmonolgy
absence of or decreas in the sense of smell anosmia
common chilhood condition involving inflammation of larynx croup
enlargement of the terminal plages of the fingers and toes finger clubbing
deficiency of oxygen hypoxemia
whooping cough pertussis
inflammation of the pleural membrane characterized bya satbbing pain pleurisy
whistling sound wheeze
caused by spasm also known by crackle rale
mass of undissolved tissue pulmonary embolus
fluid in lung tissue pulmonary emdema
intradermal test mantoux test
noninvasive method of monitoring oximetry
mesurement of ventilarory spirometry
visual exam of bronchi
microbial test sptum culture
cross section view of chest throaic scan
irrigating or washing out an organ lavage
excision part of the pleura pleurectomy
excision of the lung pneumectomy
surigal repair of the nasal septoplasty
surgical puncture and drainage thoracentesis
releive coughing antitussives
treat chronic lung diease corticosteriods
decrease mucous decongestants
reduce thickness of sputum expectorants
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