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Unions Hours, wages, condiditons
Industrialization Growth of factories
Reasons for US industrial growth resources, people, technology
Urbanization moving to the cities
Rural countryside
Suburbanization cities located outside of major cities
Enlightenment new way of thinking using logic and reason
Absolutism total power
Divine Right authority comes from God
Textbook Secondary Source
Diary Primary Source
Cedible Believable becuase it can be verified
Natural Rights life, liberty, property
Separation of powers dividing government powers so that one person/group does not become too powerful.
1st Amedment religion, assembly, press, petition, speech
Social Contract agreement between the people and the government to coexist
revoultion a change, typically a government overthrow
Effects of Industrialization more jobs, increased population, pollution, urbanization, development of labor unions
Progressivism a movement in the US (early 1900s) to fix some of the problems in American society caused by rapid industrialization.
16th Amendment income tax
17th Amendment direct election of senators
18th Amendment prohibition (alcohol illegal)
19th Amendment women's right to vote (suffrage)
Laissez faire hands off government
muckraker a journalist who exposes the hard truth about American soceity.
Plessy v. Ferguson Established separate but equal. African Americans and whites could be legally separated.
Causes of WWI MAIL
Militarism Building up one's military
Alliances An agreement to protect one another's interest
Imperialism Stronger nation taking over a weaker nation
Nationalism Pride in one's country
14 Points President Wilson's place for peace after WWI
Treaty of Versailles Proposed treaty ending WWI (blame, reparations, arms reduction, territory loss for Germany)
Reparations payment for war damages
Causes of American Imperialism New markets, superiors culture, strengthen the military
League of Nations group of countries responsible for ending WWI
Cold War 1945-1980 Decades long war between the Soviet Union and the United States
Capitalism US economic philosophy (supply and demand)
Socialism Soviet Union economic policy (government ownership)
Communism Soviet Union political system (no voting)
Democracy United States political system (government by the people/ voting)
Policy of Containment US policy of keeping communism from spreading
Brown v Board of Education overturned Plessy v Ferguson. Outlawed segregation in the US
Mixed Economy an economic system based on a combination of private ownership and government ownership
Command Economy all economic decisions are made by the government
Market Economy businesses are privately owned
Absolute Monarchy A king/queen has total power
Limited Monarchy A king/queen has some power but there are limits (based on a constitution.
Theocracy a government based on religion (no separation of church and state)
Created by: Mr. Vince
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