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MED 104 Mrs.D

Flashcards Ch. 14 & 15

cartilage gristle nonvascular, firm connective tissue found mostly in joints
ligament band, sheet band of fibrous tissue connecting two structures
muscul/o- muscle
skelet- skeleton
orth/o- straight
-ped- child
oste/o- bone
radi/o- radiation, x-rays
tendon sinew fibrous band that connects muscle to bone
-physis- growth
epiphys/e- growth
marrow fatty, blood-forming tissue in the cavities of long bones
meta- beyond, after, subsequent to
-blast embryo
-clast break down
-genesis creation
-genic producing
-por- opening
chondr/o- cartilage
imperfecta unfinished
myel- bone marrow
sarc- flesh
non- not
mal- bad
-un- one
-ion action, condition, process
duct- lead
re- backward
traction to pull
fract- break
-ure result of
comminut- break into small pieces
dis- apart, away from
-placed in an area
im- in
-pact- driven in
articul- joint
bursa purse closed sac containing synovial fluid
cartilage/e- cartilage
ab- away from
-duct- lead
abduction action of moving away from the midline
ad- toward
adduction action of moving toward the midline
circum- around
eversion tuning outward
inversion turning inward
extension stretch out
prone lying facedown; flat on your belly
supine lying face up; flat on your spine
arthr/o- joint
-desis bind together
burs- bursa
degenerat- deteriorate
inter- between
phalang/e phalanx
meta- after, beyond
-carp/o- bones of the wrist
rheumat- rheumatism
uln- forearm bone
a- without
-trophy nourishment
con- with, together
-tract draw
-my- muscle
volunt- free will
tendin- tendon
ten/o- tendon
-synov- synovial membrane
cervic- neck
vertebr- vertebra
mandibul- the jaw
maxilla jawbone
pariet- wall
tempor- temple, side of head
clavicul- clavicle; collarbone
pector- chest
scapul- scapula; shoulder blade
sub- under, slightly
luxat- dislocate
ten/o- tendon
-synov- synovial membrane
brachi/o- arm
radial- radius
-ceps head
brachii of the arm
-oid resembling
-condyle knuckle
latiss- wide
dorsi back
-imus most
carp- bones of the wrist
fasc/i- fascia
hypo- below, smaller
-thenar palm
oss/e- bone
phalanx bone of a finger or toe
contract- draw together
-ure process
rheumat- a flow
fluor/o- x-ray beam
pub- pubis
sacr/o- sacrum
ili- ilium
vascul- blood vessel
glut- buttocks
-eal pertaining to
necrosis death
later- side
poplit/e- ham
tibia larger bone of the lower leg
allo- different
-graft splice
auto- self, same
de- take away
bride- rubble
-ment action
hetero- different
-malacia abnormal softness
menisc- crescent, meniscus
patell- patella
xen/o- foreign material
fasc/i- fascia
gastrocnem- calf of leg
tars/us- flat surface
tars- flat surface
pod- foot
-ius pertaining to
bi/o- life
-opsy to view
excis- cut out
carcin- cancer
cutane/o- skin
dermat/o- skin
thel/i- nipple
epi- upon
-dermis skin
-um tissue
integument- covering of the body
pro- projecting forward
-gnosis knowledge
pro- before
-tect- to shelter
regul- to rule
resist- to withstand
sens- to feel
-ation process
syn- together
-thesis to arrange
malign- harmful
-ant pertaining to
melan/o- black
meta- beyond, subsequent to
-stasis stagnate, stay in one place
stat- stationary
-ize affect in a specific way
sebace/o- wax
adip- fat
-ose condition
cutan/e- skin
-cubitus lying down
eczema- eczema
-tous pertaining to
ex- away from, out of
-cori- skin
-ate composed of, pertaining to
nevus nevi mole, birthmark
pruritus to itch
furuncle a boil
pedicul- louse
scabies skin disease produced by mites
prurit- to itch
-myos- muscle
pharmac/o- drug
scler/o- hard
-derma skin
symptomat- symptoms
erythemat- redness
topic- local
sebum wax
seb/o- sebum
albin/o- white
alopecia partial or complete loss of hair, naturally or from medication
cerumen wax
onych/o- nail
-myc- fungus
incis- cut into
lacer- to tear
Created by: Mrs.Debo