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MED104 Mrs. D

Flash cards Ch. 11 & 12

hemat/o- blood
-crit to separate
hem/o- blood
globin protein
hypo- deficient, below
chrom- color
micro- small
-cyt- cell
pallor paleness of skin
an- without, lacking
-emic relating to blood
erythr/o- red
home/o- the same
-stasis stay in one place
viscous sticky
-blast germ cell
-poiesis to make
heme iron-based component of hemoglobin that carries oxygen
macro- large
phag/e to eat
oxy- oxygen
hem/o- blood
-globin protein
-lysis dectruction
-emia blood condition
-phil attraction
-penia deficiency
pan- all
cyt/o- cell
coagul- clump
-ant forming
-stasis control, stop
plate- flat
-let small
thromb/o- clot
thrombin clot
coagul/o- clotting
dis- apart
hematoma bruise
-philia attraction
auto- self, same
-logous relation
allergy hypersensitivity to a particular allergen
immun- immune response
-ize affect in a specific way
tox- poison
-toxic able to kill
phag/o- to eat
aden- gland
-oid resemble
splen/o- spleen
tonsill- tonsil
hyper- excessive
inguin- groin
lymphaden- lymph node
-immune immune response
vaccinate to administer a vaccine
-ate composed of, pertaining to
autoimmune immune reaction directed against a person's own tissue
ana- away from
-phylaxis protection
dormant inactive
anaphylaxis immediate severe allergic response
opportunistic an organism or a disease in a host with lowered resistance
vir- virus
viral pertaining to a virus
splenomegaly enlargement of the spleen
lymphadenitis inflammation of a lymph node
tonsillectomy surgical removal of the tonsil
macrophage Large WBC that removes bacteria, foreign particles and dead cells
erythrocyte RBC
immunize make resistant to an infectious disease
immunology study of the immune response
hematocrit percentage of RBC in the blood
anemia decreased number of RBC
homestasis equilibrium of a system or the body's internal environment
heme blood
hypochromic RBC that is pale in color
hypoxia deficient in oxygen
leukocyte WBC
leukemia blood is taken over by WBCs
pancytopenia deficiency of all types of blood cells
thrombocyte platelet
coagulant clotting
hemophilia an inherited disease from a deficiency of clotting factor VIII
Created by: Mrs.Debo
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