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Block 1 Review

All of 2a-4c

Air Force Instruction (AFI) 36-2618 The Enlisted Force Structure
Junior Enlisted Airman Tier tier consists of Airman Basic, Airman, Airman First Class, and Senior Airman
NCO Tier Staff Sergeant and Technical Sergeant
SNCO Tier Master Sergeant, Senior Master Sergeant, and Chief Master Sergeant
CAREER FIELD EDUCATION AND TRAINING PLAN (CFETP) a comprehensive training document identifying life-cycle education and training requirements, training support resources, and minimum core task requirements for the 3A1X1 career field.
Duties and Responsibilities of AFSC 3A1X1/ Core Competencies Office Management Human Resources Executive Support Postal and Official Mail Support
QUALIFICATIONS 3A131, Administration Apprentice 3A151, Administration Journeyman 3A171, Administration Craftsman 3A191, Administration Superintendent 3A100, Chief Enlisted Manager
F.M Functional Managers
AIR FORCE CAREER FIELD MANAGER (AFCFM) responsible for the management of our career field
AFCFM General Responsibilities Establishing career field entry requirements, managing trained personnel requirements, and developing and managing career-lng training plans requirements and programs. Constructing viable career paths and evaluating training effectiveness.
MFM General Responsibilities (1 Example) Monitoring the health and manning of their career fields within their command and elevating concerns to the AFCFMs.
3A1X1 MFMs work from the MAJCOM HQs and are the AFCFM’s eyes and ears regarding Administration personnel utilization and training issues.
BASE FUNCTIONAL MANAGER (FM) the senior 3A1X1 person assigned to the base.
DEFENSE TRAVEL SYSTEM (DTS) first major program that you may have management oversight or be assigned a specific role in
Defense Finance and Accounting Service (DFAS) primary servicing financial organization that supports most DOD personnel in most cases.
DTS Features and Benefits provides full functionality, accessibility, and security when processing travel documents.
Trip planning process occurs 1.Create Authorization 2.Route 3.Process 4.Route 5.Approve 6.Route 7.Ticket
GOVERNMENT PURCHASE CARD (GPC) second program that you may have management oversight or be assigned a specific role in
AFI 64-117 Air Force Government-wide Purchase Card (GPC) Program.
GPC Benefits -Expedites acquisition of essential supplies and services. -Reduces administrative effort and paperwork and costs associated with traditional contracting methods; such as purchase orders and paperwork.
3A1X1 GPC Roles Cardholder Approving Official (AO) GPC Single Purchase Limitation
Cardholder The GPC bears the cardholder’s name and shall only be used by the named individual to pay for authorized US Government purchases.
Approving Official (AO) -Provides GPC administration for the organization. -Approves/Disapproves all purchases subsequent to reconciliation by the cardholder. -Tracks and ensures funds accountability. -Performs program surveillance of all cardholders within the AO’s account.
GPC Single Purchase Limitation -Micro-purchase threshold of $3,000 -$2,500 for services per the Service Contract Act -$2,000 for minor construction
Policy is that the Government Travel Charge Card (GTCC) will be used by all DoD personnel (military or civilian) to pay for all costs related to official government travel.
Purpose the mainpurpose is to serve as the primary payment method for official travel expenses incurred by DoD personnel (military or civilian).
Agency Program Coordinators (APCs) primarily responsible for monitoring the GTCC accounts for all travel card holders in your organization.
TRUSTED AGENT/UNIT DRUG DEMAND REDUCTION PROGRAM MONITOR fourth major program you could be called on to support
AFI 90-507 Military Drug Demand Reduction Program (DDRP)
AFI 90-508 Air Force Civilian Drug Demand Reduction Program
UNIT FITNESS PROGRAM MANAGER (UFPM) fifth and final program you will be called on
AFI 36-2905 Fitness Program
Fitness Program Goal to motivate all members to participate in a year-round physical conditioning program that emphasizes total fitness
PHYSICAL TRAINING LEADER (PTL) a military member trained to lead unit physical training (PT) exercises and administer fitness assessments.
PROTOCOL a code of traditional precedence, courtesy and etiquette that must be followed for official and celebratory ceremonies.
AFI 34-1201 Protocol
AFPAM 34-1202 Guide to Protocol
AFMAN 36-2203 Drill & Ceremonies
ETIQUETTE a code of ethical behavior regarding professional practice or action among the members of a profession in their dealings with each other or common everyday courtesy.
COMMANDERS CALL a meeting of unit personnel with their commander--provides this contact in a face-to-face forum.
AFI 1-2 Commander’s Responsibilities
PROMOTIONS significant events in the lives of military people in which military personnel are ranked up.
RETIREMENTS a tradition to honor both the retiring member and the family.
AFI 36-3203 Service Retirements
Oath of Enlistment The core of the reenlistment ceremony
CHANGE OF COMMAND formality of command change from one officer to another
Video teleconference (VTC) service a communication technology that allows users at geographically separated locations the ability to link up electronically (classified or unclassified).
two basic types of video teleconferences unclassified and classified
SITE ID is your unit’s unique address and is used by other accredited VTC sites when establishing a connection to your unit.
AFMAN 33-306 D.O.D Official Mail Manual
AFI 33-301 Administration Management
Official Mail Center (OMC) the main official mail location (or facility) on an installation responsible for metering, postage, consolation, distribution, and tracking administrative communications and packages.
ACTIVITY DISTRIBUTION OFFICE (ADO) is an office designated within a unit or organization as the exchange point between the OMC and the action offices within the organization for incoming and outgoing mail.
Express Mail A mail class that provides expedited USPS overnight delivery service for mail able matter (up to 70 pounds), subject to certain standards.
First Class Mail Personal correspondence using postcards, letters, and large envelopes can be sent using first-class mail. The weight limit for first- class mail is 13 ounces. A class of mail sealed against inspection.
Priority Mail delivers documents and packages in an average of two to three days. Priority mail is First Class weighing more than 13 ounces and up to 70 pounds when you use either flat rate envelopes or flat rate boxes.
Standard Mail must weigh less than 16 ounces. It cannot be used for sending personal correspondence—handwritten or typewritten letters.
Periodicals consists of newspapers, magazines, journals, digests, briefs, bulletins, summaries and periodical publications issued regularly or on a recurring basis.
Top Secret unauthorized disclosure of which reasonably could be expected to cause exceptionally grave damage to the national security.
Secret be applied to information the unauthorized disclosure of which reasonably could be expected to cause serious damage to the national security.
Confidential shall be applied to information the unauthorized disclosure of which reasonably could be expected to cause damage to the national security.
USPS Poster 26 Letter and Package Bomb Indicators
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