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MED 104 Mrs.D

Flashcards for Ch. 7 & 8

pen- penis
gonad seed; testis or ovary
perin/e perineum
-ile pertaining to
scrot- scrotum
raphe seam; line separating two symmetrical structures
semen seed
semin- semen
vesic- sac containing fluid
-le small
testicul- testicle
torsion twist
andr/o- masculine
-gen form, create
gen- origin, create
-esis abnormal condition
sperm seed
spermat/o- sperm
-genesis origin, creation
test/o- testis
-sterone steriod
-alis pertaining to
crytp- hidden
orch/i- testicle
-cele cave, swelling
spermat/o- sperm
varic/o varicosity
ur/o- urinary system
prosta- prostate
gland- gland
-in chemical
plas- molding, formation
noct- night
prostat- prostate
vas/o- duct
glans acorn; head of the penis or clitoris
prepuce foreskin
pripism persistent erection of the penis
balan- glans penis
-ias condition
phim- muzzle
sperm/i- sperm
urethr/o- urethra
estr/o- woman
gynec/o- female
obstetr- midwifery
perineum area between the thighs, extending from the coccyx to the pubis
partum- childbirth
-ent pertaining to, end result
gest- pregnancy
vulva female external genitalia
dys- painful
vagina birth canal
vulv/o- vulva
-dynia pain
cervic- cervix
menses monthly uterine bleeding
menstr/u- menses
-ate composed of, pertaining to
ovari- ovary
-an pertaining to
ovum; ova egg
pregn- with child, pregnant
-ancy state of
gestat- gestation, pregnancy
uterus womb
metr/i- uterus
os mouth; opening into a canal
ovul- egg
nat- born
menopause permanent ending of menstrual periods
colp/o- vagina
-cele hernia, swelling
hyster- uterus
prolapse a falling
salping- fallopian tube
my- muscle
lei/o- smooth
metr/o- uterus
-om- tumor, body
fertil- able to conceive
zygot- yoked together
embry/o- embryo
fet- fetus
-gravida pregnant woman
trimester 3 months' duration
labor process of expulsion of the fetus
term- normal gestation
neo- new
apnea lack of breath
meconium first bowl movement of the newborn
mature- ripe; ready
lact/i- milk
mamm- breast
galact/o- milk
mast- breast
mastitis inflammation of the breast
genitalia primary male or female sex organs
gonad seed; testis or ovary
penile pertaining to the penis
crytporchism hidden testicle
prostatitis inflammation of the prostate
obstetrics midwife
postpartum after childbirth
vagina birth canal
prenatal before birth
amenorrhea absence or abnormal cessation of menstrual flow
dysmenorrhea painful and difficult menstruation
salpingectomy surgical removal of Fallopian tube
menorrhagia excessive menstrual bleeding
metrorrhagia irregular uterine bleeding between menses
mammary pertaining to the breast
Created by: Mrs.Debo
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