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Weimar/Nazi Germany

Weimar/Nazi Germany Ormerod GCSE History

Why were people in Germany angry after WW1? ‘Stab in the back’ jews and Marxists starting trouble
Where did Nazism start? Bavaria – southern Germany
What happened in Munich in 1919? Allies blocking Germany. German troops marched through Munich and saw their families were still suffering
What did Hitler and the Nazi party particularly hate about the Treaty of Versailles? Reparations and loss of territory
What happened to the German economy in the early 1920s? Hyper inflation
What happened in January 1923? French occupation of the Ruhr
What happened in Munich in 1923? Munich beer hall putch – the government in berlin was overthrown. Hitler was imprisoned.
Who were the Wandervogel? How did they they influence the Nazi Party? Protest against the bourgeois. Promote old-fashioned values
What % of the vote did the Nazi Party get in 1928? 2.69%
What was the impact of the Wall Street Crash on Germany? America recalled loans. Worldwide ecomic slump
Why were people prepared to vote for Hitler and the Nazis in 1932? People started to listen. Choosing extremism – either Nazi or communists
Why did Hindenburg not allow Hitler to become Chancellor in 1932? Hindenburg considered Nazi party to be violent and unresentative.
What % of the vote did the Nazi Party get in 1932? 37%
How did Hitler become Chancellor? Pressure from business. Hitler travelled to 20 cities over 7 days by plane
What % of the vote did the Nazi Party get in 1933? 33%
Created by: lesleycollins