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MED 104 Mrs.D

Flash Cards Chapters 5 & 6

alimentary pertaining to the digestive tract
bari- weight
-atric treatment
digest- breakdown
-intestin- intestine; gut
lapar/o- abdomen in general
-scope instrument for viewing
lymph- lymph
-atic pertaining to
-script- writing; thing copied
deglutit- to swallow
elimin- throw away
elimination removal of waste material from the digestive tract
ingest- carry in
nas/o- nose
-stalsis constrict
secrete to release or give off; to separate
gingiv- gums
mastic- chew
masticate to chew
or- mouth
palate roof of the mouth
-in substance; chemical compound
-lingu- tongue
mandibul- jaw
gingiv- gums
gloss/o- tongue
leuko- white
py/o- pus
dys- difficult
phagia- swallowing
eme- vomit
esophag- esophagus
hiatus opening through a structure
larynx voice box; organ of voice production
pharynx- throat
prand- meal
-flux flow
re- back
gurgit- flood
varix dilated vein; tortuous vein
varicose characterized by or affected with varices
duodenum first part of the small intestine
ile/o- ileum
cec- cecum
peritoneum membrane that lines the abdominal cavity
gall- bile
-stone pebble
hepat- liver
jaundice yellow
cirrh- yellow
-osis condition
endocrine gland a gland that produces an internal or hormonal secretion and secretes in into the bloodstream
exocrine gland a gland that secretes outwardly through excretory ducts
pancreat- pancreas
constip- press together
diarrhea abnormally frequent stools
neur/o- nerve
fec- feces
defectation evacuation of feces from the rectum and anus
flatul- excessive gas
rect- rectum
polyp mass of tissue that projects into the lumen of the bowel
proct- anus and rectum
an/o- anus
sigmoid/o- sigmoid colon
melena black
nephr/o- kidney
ren- kidney
urea urine
urethr- urethra
ureter- ureter
urin- urine
ur/o- urinary system
im- not
calculus pebble; small stone
-tripsy to crush
lith/o- stone
pyel/o renal pelvis
an- without
-lysis to separate
olig- scanty
-cyst- bladder, cyst
-emia blood condition
enur- urinate
micturate pass urine
void to empty; to evacuate urine or feces
cyst- bladder
-pexy surgical fixation
incontinence inability to prevent discharge of urine or feces
lithotripsy crushing of stones
cirrohosis condition of yellow
bariatric treatment of obesity
deglutition the act of swallowing
elimination removal of wast material from the digestive tract
masticate to chew
sublingual pertaining to under the tongue
submandibular underneath the mandible
dysphagia difficulty swallowing
emesis vomiting
hematemesis vomiting of red blood
postprandial following a meal
regurgitation expelling contents of the stomach into the mouth, short of vomiting
dyspepsia upset stomach
ileocecal pertaining to the ileum and cecum
gallstone bile pebble
hepatic pertaining to the liver
constipation hard, infrequent bowel movements
diarrhea abnormally frequent and loose stools
rectal pertaining to the rectum
proctitis inflammation of the rectum and anus
melena black
renal pertaining to the kidney
nephrology study of the kidneys
urethral pertaining to the urethra
ureteral pertaining to the ureter
nephrolithiasis presence of kidney stones
anuria absence of urine production
oliguria scanty urine production
enuresis bed-wetting
cystitis inflammation of bladder
dysuria pain with urination
Created by: Mrs.Debo