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6F071 edit code 8

CDCs for FM 7 level

The financial management career field life cycle requirements and a listing of all core tasks are found in the CFETP (career field education and training plan)
What information is provided in Part II of the CFETP? duties, tasks and references
An initial eval is conducted and documented within how many days of a trainee being assisned to a new duty position? 60
The purpose of a utilization and training workshop (U&TW) is to develop a new training standard to accommodate changes in the field
Which member is required to rotate to a new duty section at the required time? MSgt assigned to the FM flight
Who must approve an extension to allow a member to remain in the same section for an additional 15 months? MAJCOM functional manager
What is the total number of years of experience you must have to obtain you level two certification; how many years must be in the DOD? 4;2
What is the total number of years of experience must you have to obtain your level 3 certification; how many years must be in the DOD? 8;2
Deployed members successfully support the war fighting commanders by resolving challenges such as social customs
Which item did the SAF/FM and your MAJCOM functional area manager create in order to help you determine on what items to train? Unit type code (UTC) task listing
Individuals complete the advanced comptroller contingency familiarization course (CCFC) when they are within 90 days of their AEF window
Silver flag provides mandatory hands-on advanced paying agent training to NCOs
Standard force packages are identified with a five-character, alphanumeric designator called a UTC within the MEFPAK
A designator determining detailed manpower and logistical support requirements that describes necessary personnel, skill levels, numbers, and equipment required for deployments is called the UTC
What term best describes a standard passenger and equipment movement requirement for each UTC that is worldwide deployable? LOGDET
Which automated reporting system functions as the central registry of all operational units of the USAF? SORTS
Air and space Expeditionary force UTC reporting tool (ART) assessments are based on the capability defined by the MISCAP
How many steps are needed to make optimal decisions that lead to successful decision support? 8
When time is available and appropriate, what is the preferred style for conflict resolution? collaborating
The human brain processes visual 400,000 faster than text; when the brain is exposed to a presentation, how much visual information dows it retain? 55%
When you analyze a typical process, what percentage of activities will you discover are considered non-value added? 80
AF members fulfill the trust placed in them by the American people in being entrusted with public funds by following basic principles of ethical conduct
When you follow the core concepts of governmental ethics, you know that you must not use public office for private gain
When you violate the ethics code, you provide grounds to cross train you or discharge you from military service
The quality Assurance Program (QAP) provides the comptroller with reasonable assurance that assets are effectively managed and applicable laws, regulations and policies are followed
The quality assurance manager (QAM) periodically examines all financial management activities to determine the effectiveness of procedures
What report is compiled monthly and provided to management for review during the monthly quality assurance (QA) meeting? discrepancy report
Who serves as a chairperson during a quality assurance meeting? Comptroller
An important element od management controls and the quality assurance program (QAP) is the ability to cross-feed problem areas
In the quality assurance program (QAP), duplicated effort can be eliminated by reviewing cross feed
Within the FM and comptroller organization, direct oversight of the fraud prevention program is the responsibility of the Quality assurance manager (QAM)
Who is responsible for a semiannual audit of pay records of all personnel with access to the DJMS? Financial service office (FSO)
Which AF management level must maintain adequate documentation of the managers internal program (MICP) activity? all levels
A condition that has a significant negative impact on an organization's management control objectives is a material weakness
Under the AF audit program, auditors do not perform line staff or other collateral duties that impair their independence
Under the AF audit program, who selects an activity for audit? AF audit agency (AFAA)
Draft audit reports are released to management
What plan was developed to focus on improving processes, controls, and system supporting information most often used to manage resources? Financial improvement and audit readiness plan
What information is the first priority of the financial improvement and audit readiness (FIAR) plan? Budgetary
What is conducted to give SAF/FM responsible assurance financial management internal controls are met across the AF? drill
Who must research items in DEAMS to determine the base responsible for processing a voucher when it shows on the "no base assigned" report? DFAS-IN
What was developed to assist bases with tracking payment and collection vouchers processed in DEAMS throughout the month? DEAMS military pay voucher balancing report
What allowance is paid to civilians required to evacuate? substance expense allowance
What form is used to authorize payment of emergency funds for command and non-command sponsored dependants? DD 1337
What office will normally process the program elements transaction for deceased members? FSO
How long for the FSO have to send the completed SF 1174 to the DFAS-IN? 5 duty days
In which area does the comptroller general not issue decisions and opinions? public law
Procedures for requesting advanced comptroller general decisions are found in DODFMR Vol 9
What is included in the doubtful claim transmittal? results of research
What caused a division in the discipline of accounting? the diversity of interested parties
What financial system provides a single data point of entry? AFM
What document is used for funding of O&M of a base? OBAD
Primarily what type of documents are the OBAD and the BA/AD? Control
Before the issuance of allotments and operating budgets to base level, which of these begin with the Appropriation act? funding authority, limitations, distribution of funds
What is the second step you take when interpreting funding guidance? closely review the amounts to determine period of availability for those funds
If reimbursement authority is added to direct authority, the next step is to load targets
What is the first thing you look at when interpreting your annual funding? operating agency code/operating budget account number
Which of the three restraints on a funding document contains a floor limitation? line item
The standing and prestige of the US when extending official courtesies to dignitaries and foreign countries must be paid by using official representation of funds (ORF)
What type of contribution does the executive plan (EP) require from personnel at every organization? Corporate knowledge and expertise
Prior-year data in the executive plan (EP) should match expense data recorded in the accounting records on 30 Sept and the actual obligation data
What is an adjustment made to accounts due to changes in accounting policies or errors? prior year
What is included in the expenses for transportation of people? per diem and rental vehicles
What office prepares the supporting documentation for reimbursement of utilities? CE squadron
Which category is not one of the three categories of analysis performed in computing the flying hour program? CPFH
The cost of flying hour rates are based on the AFCAIG
The process of collecting and reviewing data to identify patterns is called trend analysis
When starting a program analysis, the first thing you should do is decide what is going to be analyzed
The wing commander is usually the chair during a financial management board (FMB) meeting, while the briefer and recorder is usually the Financial analysis officer
The financial working group (FWG) is responsible for participating in the development of requirements for the base execution plan and representing their organizations on matters concerning distribution of quarterly and annual operating budget targets
Who is responsible for developing joint doctrine? chairman of the joint cheifs
Which objective is used to define FM capabilities and processes that produce results for combatant commanders? CONOPS
What type of control do combatant commanders (CCDR) retain over the forces assigned to them? operational
What type of support is considered a host nation support (HSN) tool? Acquisition and cross-service agreements (ACSA)
You procure foreign currency at the best rate available when the state dept procedures are not established
Which statement is correct regarding limited depository account (LDA) checks? disbursing officers shall maintain a record of every LDA check issued
What statement is correct regarding the management of an AF form 616, fund cite authorization? Amounts cited represent targets and are not an administrative subdivision of funds
After an organization requests a purchase of services and supplies, then an order or contract needs to be prepared
What is done after a call is received from BPA? match up the call with the corresponding AF form 9
Which is not an authorized purchase for the aviation into-plane reimbursement card? Lodging services when military facilities are not available
The disbursing team at Shaw AFB compares the SWIFT code to the template built in
What form does the disbursing officer (DO) use to record and report their official accountability to the treasury? SF 1219
Who is normally in charge of the disbursing office? DDO
What form shows collections are netted against disbursements? SF1219
To ensure the designated cashiers are of unquestionable integrity, the disbursing officer DO will interview the individual
What form is used as a receipt for cash and vouchers on hand? DD form 1081
Which DOD form depicts a continuous picture of transactions affecting liability? DD form 2665
Agents must complete turn-ins of original documents with supporting attachments at least monthly
When you provide the available balance and total obligations in a slide presentation, do so on one slide
When performing destruction of funds what items should be destroyed first? US and foreign cash
What form is completed when performing destruction of funds? DD form 2669
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